31 thoughts on “4 of essentially the most INSANE poker FLOPS ever seen!”
  1. FuryTV says:

    What would you like to see next?! Thank you for watching!

  2. jon schwindt says:

    Bring on more Russians!

  3. Kris Tran says:

    2 pairs vs a set is literally every other hand, how is that INSANE?

  4. Evan Reynoso says:

    Dang Carl would of had a better set 13:04

  5. Blue1479758 says:

    The crazy part is if Tony G had the heart and the commitment to raise the first hand they may have folded. He should retire

  6. da ra says:

    Daniel is the worst hindsight announcer over ever heard .. he bases what he would do in that situation after sees the flop or the cards they have .. then he says “oh bad move” yeah dummy you know what everyone has

  7. Bob S says:

    How could the 3fours have 2% to win against 3 nines when the 4th four was folded

  8. GeM StReTcH says:

    Was Negrenau the commentator in the first pot?

  9. QT8270 says:


  10. Andy Kölsch says:

    What kind of INSANE is this. Its standard in NLH.

  11. Radionixix says:

    Damn, Tymoshenko's play is godlike against De Wolfe

  12. kiki balustrada says:

    i dont understand. 11:11 it shows 2% for Tran. one four is already out from Tony G. what card could save Tran over Beny 9 set? wasn't supposed to be 0% chance to win for Tran?

  13. Peter Rumsey says:

    I just love watching Tony G LOSE….LMAO….what does he say at the beginning ?…."I want to show you how good I am"…what a 1st class DONK….he then swipes all his chips in thinking they will both fold…WRONG….and then he says "what can I do"?….lose you donk…LOSE.

  14. Brian McGovern says:

    LOL. Tony G would have lost to both hands in the first one.

  15. Baldr93 says:

    Every time I see Tony G getting beat, I upvote.

  16. thenewandrei4o94 says:

    Note that one of the guys that folded the last hand would have had 888 had he called

  17. Koosta says:

    First clip was me yesterday. I flopped a straight with Jack10. Opponent had double pair and all in. Then he gets full house on river…

  18. J.D. says:

    Can you put another 25 commercials in the video please ong

  19. OOPSiDiditAgain says:

    More ads please!

  20. Valey says:

    Damn timoshenko somehow win that pot wtf

  21. brendon albrecht says:

    Almost unwatchable with ads every few minutes

  22. Trapper50cal says:

    I hate how Schwartz splashes his chips…it's obnoxious.

  23. EdgarAllan Poe says:

    How can I enjoy this video when somebodies are bleeding chips? [2019]

  24. Saken Kazakhstan says:

    Вы чё ебанулись столько рекламы пихать?

  25. Richard Spikman says:

    women chewing gum just look like cows in the field.

  26. Павел Костенко says:

    I recently counted the statistics in one casino for 2018: deposits of $ 253,000

  27. Spencer Bron says:

    Love the channel but this video is missing so much. I don't think these are very insane flops. I mean the Sammy Farha and Oliver Hudson flop at the World Series main event were they both flopped up full house was better than any on this one.

  28. whatlez says:

    Last hand, the guy folded 88 on the flop. Poor guy haha.

  29. Breeze says:

    At 13:04 How would you like to be Carl folding the pocket 8s. What an unfortunate turn card for him he would have gotten them both for all they were worth. Definitely some sick flops though.

  30. Michael G says:

    Schwartz’s commentary blows

  31. CoD Cloud says:

    Keep up the great content!
    In love with this channel at the moment <3

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