37 thoughts on “4 of the WORST poker fingers EVER TELEVISED! Loopy compilation”
  1. Jonathan Henderson says:

    Last hand shouldn't be here. You're raising cutoff with about 30BB and get 3-bet by the button. If the button is a good and aggressive player their range should be pretty wide there. 44 is going to be better than 50% against that range. However, 44 (like all small pairs) plays terribly post-flop OOP and if you just call the pot is 150K without about 500k left behind and there's almost no flop you're going to like that doesn't give you a set. 4-bet shoving is the best play because your hand is too good to fold and too weak to call. One major advantage of pushing small pairs like this is that you'll often induce folds from hands that should call (weak-ish overcards), and even against your opponent's calling range you are usually +EV unless they're a nit… and if they're a nit you should probably just fold pre-flop. Another exception is if you're at a table with several extremely small stacks who are very likely to bust so you'll move up in pay (ICM considerations).

  2. Pain Killer says:

    The one with black is definitely not the worst. It maybe a bad call but not "worst". He could be right some time there. With the board ripe with flush and straight draws. Liu could have easily been semi-bluffing. And black did have the 2nd highest pair, so he was beating a lot of hands there. Unfortunately, Liu had the ladies.

  3. 88mphDrBrown says:

    Pippa's hand was bad but not bad enough to be on this list. Selbst's j7 or 44 shoves are worse than anything on this list.

  4. Poe's Dream says:

    Wtf I knew the 73 was going to hit. Why he fold?

  5. DJ SHaKa says:

    5:15 – not a bad laydown actually – especially if it was earlier in the tournament. Top 2 high pair is great, but there were so many things on the board that had him beat. Straight, set, flush draw, higher straight. The man did ok, he got out cheap (or may regret it later if he was able to see the next 2 cards) and he lives to play on (lots of hands to be played) It was a good move in my opinion especially when he his stack was so high and his opponents stack high – why sacrifice it with greed? Playyyyyy on!

  6. wesley houlihan says:

    Eric Liu is one weird looking dude

  7. aaron breeds says:

    well you couldve found much worse hands then this… this was a lazy video

  8. aaron breeds says:

    why would you play with cards if youre gonna hit them as top 2 pair with only draws on the board and then not play with them… you dont put people on a set when they bet at the flop, what a goon

  9. Ravishing Beast says:

    Hickman doesn't 3-bet (6-handed) pre-flop with AQ, doesn't lead out when flopping an Ace –then agonizes when the lady moves in because he showed weakness. He deserved to lose the hand for not knowing how to play it properly.

  10. Ken Davis says:

    Where is Cada shoving 44 at the final table

  11. Jesse Lee says:

    The Queen Jack fold isn't crazy if he thought his opponent flopped a set.

  12. Tomasz Chyla says:

    Pippa Flanders looks like sobered up Ozzy Osbourne.

  13. Roadman Onjob says:

    Has anyone ever seen Seiver’s mouth closed?

  14. Blazinballa626 says:

    Dumb idiots lol

  15. Glenn Rudolph says:

    Some of these are just misreads. Not necessarily the “OMG WORST HAND EVER ON TELEVISION!!!!!”

  16. Sludge says:

    Homer Simpson; “Shut up, Flanders.”

  17. Fredrik Andersson says:

    worst? just normal hands

  18. George Bush says:

    Donkey all in call lol

  19. Shane S says:

    Watching her play gave me cancer in the Brain

  20. Thirdeye3pic says:

    I hate when pro's think hands end after the flop

  21. Traverse Senior says:

    Why so many down votes?

  22. Ted Burwick says:

    WHY did duhamel fold top 2/ i dont get it

  23. 26bisket says:

    Horrendous shove with 99

  24. Elyas Toohey says:

    Most of these hands weren’t badly played.

    Yeah they were dominated. And for us viewers knowing their hands yeah.

    But even the 4-4 vsQ-Q
    If he thought the raise was due to A-Q, A-K
    Then even if he had his 4’s called, his odds woukd still be roughly 55% give or take a little depending on the suiting.

    He was playing with fire, as his opponent may have had pockets too.

    But the aggression would likely dissuade him from shoving unless he had pocket 9’s or better.

    He did. He had queens.

    In fact Vanessa selbst actually played pocket 4’s worse in a tournament.
    She and her opponent played badly.

    She staked her tournament life on picket 4’s and got called by A—9 which nore or less is about 55/45

    What made her form worse, was that the pocket 4 guy here at least had some more info to try and narrow a range.
    Selbst just played pure aggressively expecting her aggression to win her an easy pot.

    Personally whenever I have pocket 4’s. Unless I’m playing against a looser more aggressive opponent. I raise it up 5 big blinds or so. And only really play of o make a set.
    It’s such a weak hand especially if a few people are playing the hand, that you need to be able to limit your losses with it and walk away, but build enough of a pot, that when you hit it, and say someone makes a pair of aces of kings, or 2 pair. You can take them to value town

  25. Dorian Manolas says:

    Duhamel misread his hand forsure

  26. Joe Shaloom says:

    The Andy Black one wasn't that bad at all.

  27. JOHNizSiK says:

    It’s rare to see an actual donkey playing

  28. PRASANTH M says:

    This event is so old.. when I selected 360p it crashed
    Great content

  29. CorporalGrievous93 says:

    Andy Black looks like Selbst

  30. Grimshaw Grummage says:

    The all in was so suspect. If you're hickman you have to be thinking this is a bluff, but it's so dumb that it could be a double bluff.

    If flanders genuinely had a good hand she would sucker him into putting more into the pot before beating him with her hand. Therefore the all in has to be used to get hickman to fold.

  31. Scott Larrabee says:

    Duhamel didn’t misread his hand… he’s just fucking terrible.

  32. MaxWraith says:

    Andy Black's call isn't all that bad. There are certainly draws on that board that an aggressive players would shove. Far from the worst televised hand.

  33. Papigringo says:

    The pocket tens call wasn't that bad, c'mon

  34. IVORY IVORY says:

    not bad, but the worst hand in poker history is that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKZgOvOe3YQ
    gg made in spain

  35. glennhagstedt says:

    I´ve seen much worse then these, i mean Duhamels fold is pretty bad always but i´ve seen much worse, its difficult to just analyze hands without context, several factors could be in play, earlier plays from players, are they bluffing to much? are they bluffing to little? Are there ICM implications? Most of these were not cashgames which makes it harder to judge.

  36. LucianDevine says:

    The announcers saying to go with his read at the end there makes me laugh. Unless they did some tv magic to skip a long pause or something, the guy didn't even try to read anything. It got back around to him and he just snap all-in'ed

  37. Andrew Powell says:

    Is getting a massage at a poker table like a normal thing?

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