18 thoughts on “4-Wager All-In On The Flip | Poker Vlog #139”
  1. nintendokings says:

    It tilts me your c-bet is always 30%
    3:55 Tsar snap called TT because he strongly blocked the nuts, which is what you’re repping when you raise big there (or maybe QQ).

  2. spikemasta says:

    No audio issues. Loves the plays today. Great reads and bets.

  3. Rogue Lad says:

    Audio good bud keep it up

  4. Louis Villalba says:

    Hey do you play on any other sites?

  5. Raz Cue says:

    Audio is better. Crank it up a db and it'll be golden

  6. TheGriz says:

    Audio is greatly improved. Can hear u without having to have in headphones at full volume

  7. David Thomas says:

    So you probably think I only ever comment to criticize, but that isn't the case. I love your videos and like to get your input when I see differently.

    1. That reraise with A4 clubs on river I didn't like because it looked like his bet was a standard "set up" bet. You feel compelled to raise because you can't just call and your don't wanna fold for that price. The J10 straight came in and you block the most obvious flush cards. For him, blocking the straight, I think that's an easy call when his original bet was so small that you feel compelled to bluff. With you having exactly the hand you do, I feel like you block way too much of what you want him to have that doesn't hit. I think that's a mix of a blocker/goading bet when you block the 1 hand your opponent will try to rep.

    2. Why did you bet the river with AQ on that KQJ board? With that river, what could you possibly beat with AQ that gets called?

    Love the 3 barrel bluff on that A high board with nothing. I wouldn't have the balls to do that too often. That 8 ball was clutch ha

  8. FlippersTF2 says:

    Not sure if he calls worse vs your block otr with aqo

  9. matt h says:

    Audio sounds good brother! Keep up the good work.

  10. Grantboost says:

    Audio is much clearer and louder than before

  11. ENSIDIO PEDIA says:

    Pls play on higher stakes

  12. John Smith says:

    Volume is much better- thanks

  13. thesquirrel2 says:

    Aq river is not a block bet, it's a check fold. Flop is a smaller cbet too, 20%

  14. Sandy M says:

    audio better but still a bit low

  15. Massive Late Fee says:

    Question: what poker training sites do you think are the best, and what have you used? You think through the game very well and I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this.

  16. Andrew Fitzsimmons says:

    I would say your audio's a bit on the low side Andy

  17. Charlie Melly says:

    Great content

  18. Punch Chinsawananon says:

    First comment !!!

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