32 thoughts on “💰 $46,000.00 in SLOT MACHINE JACKPOTS 🎰 GROUP PULLS BEST OF 2020!”
  1. Guacamole Hole says:

    $4800 win on a $50 bet? That’s a ripoff, I was winning more than that on a $2.50 bet

  2. LuGenie says:

    Enjoy the videos. Why don’t you allow the group participants to spin?. Seems only fair. I’ve never participated in a group pull where only one person does all the pulling? Just an observation!

  3. Backyard Bees, LLC says:

    Do they get to keep whatever they win during their spins?

  4. dragonslayer666 dragonslayer666 says:

    Where are your guys masks at

  5. Ed Pery says:

    The phrase is whoa Nelly, not oh Nelly.

  6. Jodybeau Dejano says:

    Hello Brian ! Do you insert your card?

  7. Linda Walker says:

    Awesome wins

  8. Andrew Arbogast says:

    This is awesome!! I'd love to go with you!! You're amazing

  9. Monique says:

    I love your group pulls. It's a shame I live in Holland…..like to join you!

  10. oscar ellenius says:

    You should come to England

  11. JustAskVal-Living life after 50 says:

    What an awesome day!

  12. ijustcant buyaholdensorry says:

    best play take offer means it was the best offer so far….a better result could still come wake up people

  13. Vanessa Otero says:

    This video was awesome!! Is nice to see that people are having fun in a group pull. Great group pull!

  14. Celia Jolley says:

    What a bunch of …………to not go all the way to the end of offers.

  15. TeeTee Rad says:

    Fantastic wins. Enjoyed watching. Ty.

  16. Stephani McLaughlin says:

    Best group pull ever for you guys

  17. Cholito Jara says:

    Ohhhh nelly

  18. califgirl101 says:

    14:40 holy instant hand pays, batman!

  19. Geos Motovlogs says:

    the moment you said shit just got real i giggled. alot lol!

  20. AMAYA Explorer says:

    Wow nice Christmas gift BCS love your video

  21. skeeter1070 says:

    Great channel great meeting you again in Palm Springs good luck

  22. FRED BK says:

    46 k not 46 M ???

  23. Lonnie Gray says:

    Dont you mean $46,000.00 not million, in your headline!

  24. Sandy Baumgartner says:

    Great video! Love watching "the best of"

  25. PokerLady houle says:

    Thinking this is "FIXED" TO GET People Gambling !

  26. Patricia Blanton says:

    I never tire of seeing anyone win!!! Great videos!!!

  27. John Ortiz says:

    Shut the front door

  28. Judy Lynn says:

    Why is it people are so happy to get the Major when the Minor is over 2X as much? I don't get that part. Thanks for the info.

  29. Terri Strouse says:

    Saw them before but still amazing to see the thrill of the chase for BANZA
    Awesome.. so much fun!!

  30. paula abrams says:

    Just Awesome.

  31. m c says:

    Why do most, if not all, of the NEW machines have such weak pay lines? It is as though the game manufacturers are forcing everyone to chase progressives, with little pay out on regular pay lines.

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