20 thoughts on “$5-$10-$20 NL @ Fortunate Probabilities – Poker Vlog 98”
  1. Joe Ince says:

    Rampage advice on how to win with pocket 44- film the one time you’re winning with it, and edit out the 17 times you go broke with it

  2. AceKing says:

    I don’t understand your logic in saying the guy who folded a 10 made a good fold cause your hitting an out on the river 70% of the time.

  3. AceKing says:

    The only thing you did wrong with the pocket 4’s was call on the river. If the turn is not a heart I would call

  4. Lee Jones says:

    8:43 The guy flatting kings to your 3-bet? How much do y'all play together? If it's a lot, and he has your range narrowed that much, you're not 3-betting enough. But from watching your vlogs, I don't think you're that narrow with your 3bets. The point is that flatting kings there, particularly out of position, is catastrophically bad against anybody but the tightest player in the room, which you're not. I'm not impressed with his play.

  5. Lee Jones says:

    I do love me some Andrew Lok b–roll. Always get hungry watching it.

  6. Mark Kadlec says:

    Looks like Lucky Chances is due for a felt update, it looks like Ron Jeremy's bedsheet…

  7. aayod jain says:

    any other places to play in San Francisco ??? Lower stakes

  8. paul maier says:

    amazing with all the FOOD in your blogs always, that you are not obese!!! by the way, Rampage calls 44 a "premium"!!!

  9. Kangaroo 9029 says:

    The only advice rampage could give you is how to bluff away you're bankroll

  10. Ok2bAsian says:

    Andrew, because I've been a long-time supporter I've not clicked through a 2 minute ad, then a 4 minute ad to open; then an additional two 1 minute ads only 1:27 in… the least you can do is buy me lunch at one of the food trucks in Mission Bay! Just around the corner from you on Long Bridge. Lok it up!

  11. steven189111 says:

    Thumb Up #709 !

  12. mike says:

    Great intro and as always very solid poker. See some critiques here but booking a 600 dollar win, not to shabby! Thanks for the V-log.

  13. Peter Place says:

    You do play a good poker game

  14. Kevin Linn says:

    Rampage is trash, you don't need him…just bad luck with the 4's

  15. Fish Poker says:

    Yo what's up man I'm really excited I'm gonna get to Take a shot at those lok chips On the 24th lolIt's gonna be a fun time

  16. Jude Luhrs says:

    ha! … i used to live on Stanyan at Grattan … good times after medical school as a young resident

  17. JP says:

    Capitol Casino is not the best place in Sac to hold a MUG. But then again if you have no problem going to Oaks then I guess Capitol is ok 🙂

  18. Leonel Jaimez says:

    You should go play at Morongo, great action and it might be the same distance as the commerce from Ontario (given SoCal traffic)

  19. markinchs says:

    That was a solid session. Good work.

  20. Dan Duncan says:

    I really enjoy your videos, you’re very precise in your analysis. But what I really want to do, is go eat with you

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