25 thoughts on “5 BRUTAL poker closing desk KNOCKOUTS!”
  1. farleygranger says:

    just like watching poker on tv….commercial after every hand….death to google…nice to see antonio get beat….

  2. Med Dem says:

    Just standard bad beats…

  3. Simple Man says:

    I only play cash poker but this kind of pain is so real it hurts watching.

  4. Tuk asfuk says:

    Sexton on the mic is always gold.

  5. Patrick Carlson says:

    Antonio deserves to lose, celebrating to early,what a shmuck

  6. Eva Blue says:

    OMG Jeremy’s friends look dumb as fuck loool

  7. BrodyRafael says:

    R.I.P Mr. Sexton ✊

  8. Scott Harding says:

    5:36 – "It's gonna suck if I lose!" Lol, Antonio…truer words.

  9. Michael Gray says:

    Damn to go back and time and play against people 4xing preflop with 30bbs effective stacks

  10. Ghost Mutt says:

    What is QJ thinking…..

  11. Tonisha Garland says:

    The private dry neurologically slip because dinghy arthroscopically punish sans a lying waterfall. macabre, lavish improvement

  12. Mark Challed says:

    Barry smiled. Never seen that.

  13. Sam says:

    what I've learned from these videos is that the guy who stands up usually loses

  14. schlaepferAA says:

    Rofl that QJ noob

  15. schlaepferAA says:

    A bit of humbleness was taught to Antonio on that hand

  16. George Tonwashing says:

    I guess Barry is not the unluckiest player after all.

  17. Antoine Robert says:

    I like videos from the perspective of one player where the commentators explain what the player might be thinking

  18. 26bisket says:

    Queenjack lol

  19. T Ho says:

    AQ beating AK happens all the time.

  20. Rich Grasby says:

    Love that Antonio lost, he's got 0 class acting like that at the table

  21. Polka FM says:

    Dude with QJ vs A10 , Terrible Played

  22. krezo says:

    Wow, some sick hands

  23. Hendrie Kelder says:

    I just saw a vid saying barry is the most unlucky player…lol not

  24. Mick 1107 says:

    I love it when people celebrate too early and lose.

  25. Maya Bell says:

    the best poker faces ever, is the best idea for a video.

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