32 thoughts on “🔷 5 NEW Slot machines I've NEVER Performed Earlier than CHALLENGE!”
  1. jozsef orgovan says:

    I don't play this type of machine-it is disgusting-can't stand it, does not know bonuses-even don't even look at them when i am in casino.

  2. Ashley Davis says:

    This was so cool that yall used my idea. I feel so honored. That jungle game seemed really fun!

  3. Braden Brand Reality TV says:

    lovely stopping by from Diana Fairchild, lets stay connected, watchtime and lines

  4. Jobexi says:

    If you had a regular show (Once a week, or every other week) That was just you playing five games you've never had on the channel before I'd watch it as often as you put it up. You might run out of content, but I love to see you play games you've never tried before.

  5. Sabrina Carten says:

    Great challenge!!! Well done

  6. Badgerrr Lattin says:

    Can't wait to see you at 7 feathers in Oregon again in April!

  7. pie hobo says:

    Massive shout from the UK. Love the videos

  8. kay regulski says:

    LOVE jungle tower. Diana Is good at this one!

  9. Celia Jolley says:

    Did not like the moon game.

  10. Nita Bowers says:

    You need to play regal riches

  11. Lorraine Ferraro says:

    That was a fun watch

  12. Ian Rambo says:

    'Golden charm' got to tell my wife about this newby lol, nice session B.

  13. Ace Criss says:

    I like the old school slots.

  14. Michael says:

    love watching these challenge hope u keep them going

  15. Paula Atchisin says:

    Diana has a couple of videos with nice bonus on jungle tower. I hope to play it one of these days

  16. Estella Villarreal says:

    Love watching you play any slots! Such energy! Keep up the great work! Did I say work? I mean fun! Ha!

  17. James Oneavatar says:

    I thought the fish game was going to be the best after a few spins

  18. LIZ LIVES LUCKY says:

    the first game has the same symbols as one of my favorite 3 reel game with the diamond multiplier

  19. elainezdollz says:

    I loved the game with the fish! Pretty graphics also. Nice video.

  20. Audrie Riley says:

    That was fun! Great challenge, let’s do it again.

  21. Tyson Chase says:

    Golden charms is my favorite

  22. bev weatherbee says:

    thanks for that challenge nice to see some new games

  23. Slicktheslick serafini says:

    I love watching you play slots literally feels like I’m playing too

  24. Kwane Broadway says:


  25. Brenda Hamrick says:

    Please don’t do that again.

  26. It’s Bae says:

    I love cherries on top

  27. Mincent Price says:

    Thanks Brian – This was fun getting to see the different slots Rudie Luck !!

  28. Loren Staab says:

    As others have mentioned., you'll need to try Jungle Tower again and check out Diana's videos including hand pay.
    I also like Tres Chilies.

  29. Diana Holliday Holliday says:

    That was fun! You're going to love the level up bonus on the one with the masks.

  30. Jason Rhodes says:

    Lovin'me some bcslots take it all from the casino Brian good luck your pal. Jason

  31. Terry Funburg says:

    Enjoyed seeing different games rather than the same games played frequently. MORE OF THIS.

  32. Barbara Kelly says:

    Hello, Britt! Just want to say your awesome & fun! You're the perfect side-kick!

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