21 thoughts on “5 poker TRAPS that went TERRIBLY WRONG!”
  1. Chris Harding says:

    The King's hand by Paul was the worst I've ever seen that played post flop

  2. Hurline Rose says:

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  3. M&M Outdoors says:

    3:46 says he needs a king or 7 to make a straight, should be a queen?

  4. Overplays AceKing says:

    I cannot stress enough how much I dislike Alec Torelli

  5. Wes T says:

    That set of kings lay down was a monster lay down

  6. Stephanie Carter says:

    Horribly played

  7. Tiago Valentino says:

    U guys should not have the subtitles…. Can't see what the player cards

  8. topher cabba says:

    god i hate when i see those stupid drink coster chips on the table fucking rectangle or big over sized disc just gross

  9. Lars Becker says:

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  10. Terry Smithson says:

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  11. Tony England says:

    Great video but spell-check 15:02

  12. Johnny Jorgensen says:

    Terrible check on the flop with pocket Kings

  13. Anas S says:

    Hey brother

  14. RandomBallJuice says:

    How about terrible plays that pay off and hero plays that fail.

  15. Robbie Pfunder says:

    goes snap all in instead of a reasonable value bet with nuts? unbelievably bad play

  16. Robbie Pfunder says:

    why does vlad keep checking his whole cards repeatedly? amnesia? very amateur

  17. Ninji Review says:

    The last hand seems like pot control more than a failed trap.

  18. Mingi says:

    11:31 “don’t get me excited over there” is a big tell

  19. JailBreak Overlander says:


  20. Esteban Talero says:

    Awesome clips like always man!!! Thanks!!! (Been subscribed since 2018 here)

    And that last one with Daniel Negreanu… Even though it IS a trap gone wrong, I think DNegs is not really a loser in this hand:
    Daniel makes A PERFECT read on the river. He says "that's what I think, [you] must have a King" 14:16. So in the end, he sees the pot is relatively small (no pre-flop raises, flop checked, turn checked) and decides to pay/give away the 80K just to see the K6 and confirm his read. This actually gives him information for the future and I think he meant that… Anyway… who knows?

  21. Muli - kolo says:

    9/10 Phil hellmuths are recommends traping.

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