30 thoughts on “$50 A Spin Bonuses On Excessive Restrict Slot Machines – Nice Session ! Reside Slot Play At On line casino In Vegas”
  1. I Karabeg says:

    What crap you should back to school and learn English

  2. Willy Ata says:

    I can't find this premier stream where you bet $250 on dragon link.

  3. Debby S says:

    I agree…."great session." Congrats on your Bonuses & cashing out w/a profit. Enjoyed!

  4. So-Sei-Es says:

    Thank you for your great entertainment every day mate

  5. Slot Sisters says:

    I was wondering if you find any particular day or time of day to be better than others?

  6. Janice Lott says:

    I like your videos because you don’t use vulgar language! Thank you!

  7. Connie Keenan says:

    Woot! Woot! NG

  8. MrGb YouTubing says:

    Subscribed because you are consistent and very positive about life. I enjoy this content. Please do max bet Triple Black Diamond for me lol

  9. Lucky JuJu says:

    NG you have my loyalty!! You’re authentic and can feel that you love your subscribers!!! I can’t wait to meet you one day. You’re the better person being friends with other slot channels!!! Love all your videos !!!

  10. C Lal says:

    I love Ng, you are the best. You really care for your subscribers. Win BiG

  11. Angie Hernandez says:

    NG good luck. Best wishes.

  12. Moses says:

    This truly is THE BEST slot channel on YouTube! Can’t wait for the 200,000 subscriber edition!!!

  13. Maria Villaflores says:

    I'm been waiting 250 per spin

  14. Siriporn Bunsuntornsup says:

    Hi NG, show us the power of ur bonus. I'm watching from Australia and waiting for ur epic premier. Good luck NG!!

  15. cat crazy says:

    If you want 200,000, you'd better start having longer live episodes. You'll surpass that fast, but you need longer live play.

  16. pauly says:

    Hello NG Slot, new subscriber! Lucky to stumble this video.

  17. Mat Coles says:

    Look forward to the dragon cash video come on 200000!

  18. Sofian Abdullah says:

    Play safely Ng,,,these machines are very2 tough to crack,,,

  19. Slot500Club says:

    It wasn't a jackpot on Autumn Moon but it was better than a jackpot!!

    Excited for that $250 per spin Dragon Link. I'm glad you had luck when you did it.

  20. Lucky Men Slots says:

    Nice Bonuses!

  21. Singerkim Rock On! says:

    Go get em!!! Xoxox

  22. zeph Heine says:

    good luck NG

  23. Art Pili says:

    Golden Century also gives 6 free spins if you hit the retrigger We are all waiting for your Dragon Link session where you betting $250!

  24. Coco Life says:

    I love your comments!! Thank you for being light hearted and fun!! It’s great to watch!

  25. sonya lozowski says:

    Autumn moon is my fav

  26. Shania Campbell says:

    CMON NG post your big record breaking JACKPOT …IM WAITING 🙂

  27. A Van says:

    Your first machine was fun and it paid.

  28. Daniel and Victor says:

    And good luck

  29. Daniel and Victor says:

    NG you are very good guy and fun. I feel bad for you because I have never seen you hit the jackpot like others. Like bbbbig one, just always wanted to win good come back.

  30. Kenneth Ferguson says:

    man you getting huge

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