1. Helen Bovay says:

    I love your channel and I really love to see your nails! They are always so pretty. 😀

  2. 6061lucky says:

    The first game you lost 500

  3. lynngood1 says:

    I liked the games

  4. Cheryl Moore says:

    Very nice!

  5. Mike Logan says:

    ❤️ thanks for the video

  6. St Myles says:

    Good show.
    Note to Self : Don’t watch Stacey’s High Limits Slot on laundry day.
    While unloading wet laundry from machine I dropped one of my wife’s shirt on the garage floor. I thought my wife said “Bummer”. I told her it wasn’t my shirt. My wife was next to the Dryer and asked me who I was talking to. I told her I was talking to you (my wife). She said my video was the one that said Bummer. We Laughed for the net ten minutes.

  7. ladyknow how says:

    Why is the screen so fuzzy?

  8. Shawn Ricketts says:

    Haywire when you got the first 3 reels sounded like the old Big Times Pay machine. Do you remember those?

  9. Tom A says:

    That was landing on the haywire a lot ! Seems like a fun game!!!! Nice win

  10. eLem3nT says:

    You can hear the rust in that old Haywire machine, NJ Slot Guy would love that machine.

  11. Stephen Helton says:

    Like the oldies. Thanks for playing Stacy. Ya gotta do the cheeseburger again.

  12. Betsy Price says:

    I like your slot videos best of all!

  13. kissy kat says:

    I’m stopping by rio next time. Lol

  14. Shelley says:

    I like the different sounds like slots make when spinning or hitting a jackpot (I like the quick hit sound) and I like music and going to the casino but I don’t go as much as I want. I think someone should make a long video of all the different slot machines sounds, music to fall asleep to.

  15. DG Random says:

    Love the cheeseburger game!! Fun bonus!

  16. Christine Lowery says:

    Way to go girl ☺️

  17. Will Mische says:

    Is Haywire just at Rio? Also if you get 5 spins under haywire does it go until you get the best out of 5?

  18. Timothy Adams says:

    Wow there's a lot of odams on that last game

  19. BIG T&A SLOTS says:

    Great video Stacey! Love seeing the jackpots!

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