31 thoughts on “$50 Max Guess JACKPOT HANDPAY – ReTrigger On Wild Wild Nugget Slot ! $88 Guess Dancing Drums | EP-21”
  1. NG Slot says:

    $100 A Spin JACKPOT ON Eureka : https://youtu.be/mgCv0UWJtV0

  2. Darlene Jellel says:

    I'm hooked on your channel. Love it your my favorite !!!

  3. Ailton Fernandes says:

    I'm sorry

  4. Gerald says:

    I wish you would not stop the reels in play so often.

  5. Just a voice says:

    Love watching your vids
    ^Show me the power of your bonus^

  6. x_Ghost _x says:

    Just let the damn reels spin on their own

  7. x_Ghost _x says:

    Dude, you gotta stop pressing the button and stopping your reels all the time. Such a waste of $ and you are literally screwing up your spins. Its really cringey man

  8. Pie Miller says:

    They’re sh…..ng you NG! That bonus they gave I could get that with 5 dollar bet!

  9. Kenneth Ponder says:

    Better Luck tomorrow NG

  10. javier tamez says:

    Those machines did NOT want to show the power of their bonus!!

  11. Cha Nin says:

    That Wild West Game is trash!

  12. David Kost says:


  13. decafcoffee73 says:

    Have you ever played in Biloxi?

  14. Jhonny Thelusme says:

    Here we go NGNG good luck

  15. Kathy Vinson says:

    Were you at Pala again? I've not ever had any luck with that series of games.

  16. Eddie Sevazlian says:

    unless i get notifications no senese for me to look for it Good luck Nareg

  17. El Mero Mero says:

    Goes to show u no matter how much u bet doesnt meen it’s gonna b a good bonus but hey the power of the bonus may help

  18. Rick Baker says:

    Come on my friend, holy shooooot, show me the power of your video editing where a $3000 loss looks like a OMG $1200 win.

  19. Janie Sirak says:

    That was rough….I thought for sure the 30 free spins would do something for you but they didn’t maybe tomorrow you could try Cleopatra if that hits it can hit really big make up for a couple bad days I think it’s Cleopatra to that has all the multipliers in it but I’m not sure I also think it’s harder to win on. Try it soon for Janie!

  20. Audelio Espinoza says:

    I can't stand watch you loosing like this 6k OMG. ( reality, reality, reality) this is what's all about casinos loose more than win, sorry NG

  21. jsegura525 says:

    Hi NG, hope all is going well for you and your family.

  22. mi cho says:

    I got 5 trigger bonus on happy lantern with $5 bet and it paid me $1 on free spins

  23. mi cho says:

    30 free games @ $50 bet… that bonus made me sick, only $1400… should be $5000 or more

  24. J Krause says:

    You should go to a different Casino you're not lucky there

  25. giuseppe cinardi says:


  26. pegi k. says:

    Well i guess the rapid fire is not gambling..that's why u only get bad bonuses

  27. Omar Bernal says:

    Hi NG, you will have better luck on next run, machines were tight today but its ok your still the Greatest my friend. Have a wonderful day !!

  28. Sharon Joachin says:

    Awesome game but no pay no money I don't know what's going on with these casinos maybe you need to take a shot of tequila

  29. shea says:

    Thank you for showing what it's really like at a casino playing slots.
    Seriously tired of people " winning" every time they play on their videos.

  30. Anna Trevino says:

    NG going to Las Vegas on July 20 will you be there? I would like to take a picture with you

  31. Shaka Slots says:

    Shame on you Wild notso Wild! NG you're the best bro!

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