27 thoughts on “$50 Max Wager ✦2 HANDPAY JACKPOTS✦ On Huff N Puff Slot Machine | Slot Machine JACKPOT | SE-10 | EP-15”
  1. Connie Keenan says:

    WOOT! Up is good!

  2. Dar's Travel & Adventures says:

    Nice line pay NG, I love to see all those little piggies line up across the screen

  3. mayapapaya77 says:

    Wow amazing line hit!!! The machine did you so dirty on that last bonus!

  4. Motor City Slots says:

    A stragedy you might try is cash out and take your profit

  5. Inro Properties says:

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  6. Inro Properties says:

    I've been depressed and severally embarrassed until I got to know about antezsignals7 on !g and they really help me

  7. Ryan says:

    How do you get a $50 bonus and only get like 2 hats…this game is brutal

  8. Valerie Naylor says:

    Good luck

  9. Thelegend899 says:

    The machines of today are definitely NOT the coin machines your parents use to play in Vegas. Back then each machine was an individual entity. In today’s technological age with the complex algorithms embedded in each machine and all the machines tied into the same network which can be manipulated at will by the casino managers it’s virtually impossible to hit a huge Mega jackpot. What is noticeable is that all machines say play “max bet”. Well good luck with that because as bets are increased the algorithms get even more random than if the minimum bet is played. If you go to the casino avoid certain times of the month and if you play and don’t hit within the first few “pulls” chances are they aren’t paying. Move on to a different machine in a different part of the casino and try again. If the pattern continues for a few more machines then cash out leave and try another day. Nice line hit NG.Thanks for the the videos.

  10. Melissa Michele says:

    I would love to see high limit poker on one of those game king machines . Please!!!

  11. Chan Hong Lai says:

    the bonus of this hat game is very trashy

  12. jsegura525 says:

    Great play NG.

  13. Angelia Famoso says:

    When Huff n Puff hits.. it hits good.

  14. nunya bidness says:

    once i hit that 3k line hit i would have switched machines

  15. Roxan Bissember says:

    I agree with NG, the local casinos do not take care of high rollers. Better to play on the strip. Bonus should have given a handpay.

  16. create account says:

    WOW. You be better off with the lines hits.

  17. Veronica Meeley says:

    How are you NGSLOT??? Good luck

  18. D Coughlan says:

    Wish we could see the VLT Kamikazes after you leave the machines Lol ❤ when you hit.

  19. Nik Hoonoor says:

    NG, watch and learn from your friend MGSlots 21… Decipline, never lets it go below what he puts in once he gets a feature. Good luck my friend

  20. Miriam Luna says:

    You should’ve cashed out! To make up for the other bad session you had yesterday. What more do you want?

  21. Michelle Daly says:

    C'mon buddy. Let me see your power!!

  22. Jason Lueck says:

    Do any Boulder casinos allow recording? Would like to see you with the locals in Vegas some time.

  23. Theresa Maskil says:

    AWESOME line hit…

  24. DeuceSixs says:

    Take your wins and run NG .

  25. alex s says:

    playing fast is a good way to loose

  26. Hammer Time says:

    Cosmo finally decided to pay out a little……very little.

  27. Joshua C says:

    NG you had your own version of March Madness slot machines instead of basketball

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