20 thoughts on “$500.00 Wizard of OzChallenge!”
  1. Jeffrey Skinner says:

    Be the boss of me Please Sir !

  2. Austin Finnern says:

    I just got home from the Ameristar in St.Charles mo I lost $500 tonight and my dad lost $400 but last weekend we won a few $1000!

  3. FanVikings28 says:

    You ever go to treasure island casino in Minnesota?

  4. James R OBoyle says:

    Merry Christmas SDguy

  5. niko spinella says:

    james bond!

  6. Chris Holub says:

    Nothing like the jfk slot channel. He is trying to put up a basketball hoop for his followers

  7. Shane Zettel says:

    Any way you could make the quality of your next day vids of your live stream better. It always fuzzy and not enjoyable to watch.

  8. Gina Ramirez says:

    Merry Christmas win big

  9. Lisa Itsallthesame says:


  10. Shawn McFarland says:

    This video is seeming like a real dud

  11. Shawn McFarland says:

    #1 today

  12. Cheryl Johnson says:

    Yes I'm jealous I always wanted to pull up a cot and sleep at a casino you got me

  13. dog mah says:

    Tonight's video is sponsored by Brent's bathhouse and also brought to you by the letters F and U. 😉 lol

  14. dog mah says:

    Just a FYI about Cash Machine – you can only get the red screen when one number shows up that is NOT a zero (1, 2, 5 or 10). When you got the 5 and 0 on that first spin for $50, there was no red screen possible on that spin. The 0 or 00 triggers a normal respin (can't get a red spin on 0 or 00 either, just the normal respin).

  15. Max Payne says:

    Skip to 5:10 to see hairs on a table…

  16. Tim Collette says:

    You still use a wallet, so old school

  17. ZimsCC says:

    Merry Christmas, Brian! Thank you for keeping us all entertained. Best wishes, and a shit-ton of luck in the New Year!

  18. Cheryl Johnson says:

    You live at the casino lol

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