16 thoughts on “$500 BALL! BIG BONUS WIN! Liberty Hyperlink Slot Machine!”
  1. Jake Tag says:

    The poor lemon logo

  2. Darrell Irwin says:

    Nice recovery win, more epic comebacks in more of your vids

  3. James Corkill says:

    You’re always so polite. Sneezing and excusing yourself. Thankfully I’m not doing these. I’ve had to refer things to as piggies when I am doing my job.

  4. Chief 3 says:

    I like the fact that you told us you only made 4.50 for the night but great win

  5. daver8521 says:

    Nice one, Sarah!

  6. Pat Quinn says:

    Retirement coming soon with massive win then the white dress big ship ending…

  7. Tavares Morales says:

    Nice way to win back your 1st 500 bullet lovely lady 🙂

  8. Andres Felipe Gaviria Cataño says:

    Oooh Riiiight, leeet's gooo!! hehe… =)) lucky woman!

  9. prinz10ga says:

    Hi Slot Lady… watching the Wonder 4 and not winning reminds me of playing the Oregon Lottery Machines. They’re ‘vacuum cleaners’. I wanting the ‘leaf blower’ variety.

  10. Lucas Trujillo says:

    Nice comeback great video

  11. Kim K says:

    Nice win on Liberty Link for the comeback! Congrats!

  12. john coleman says:

    Tishooo, love it xx

  13. Donna Hatcher says:

    Always rooting for you!

  14. Elton R says:

    Cutest sneeze ever!!!

  15. moreno scarparo says:

    Nice, pretty, smart with dollars…. OK.

  16. GTSslots B says:

    Great comeback on the Liberty slots Sarah. Keep up the great videos…

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