18 thoughts on “£500 Bonus Hunt! NEW GAMES!!”
  1. colin payne says:

    Damn that was difficult to watch . Worst games ever. Still much respect for trying

  2. peterbikes says:

    That cash vandal you played has been around for ages it’s not exactly new but I guess you never played it before nice video anyway 🙂

  3. Adamski Rossi says:

    Enjoyed this, more new games please mate. That monkey buisness is great in the arcades.

  4. Kojak K says:

    Cracking video. I'm glad you were brave enough to tackle these crap slots, I wouldn't have been! Haha.
    No Sunday battle this week??

  5. Gary Mc says:

    Druid! Drew-id, as in nature shaman type fella

  6. Benjamin Hawke says:

    Ceasars Conquest commentary was without doubt the funniest thing I've heard in ages! Well played!

  7. Sarge Gambling says:

    Baker's Treat Game: Main Bonus triggers when you get one of each of the cakes on it's corresponding reel (green cupcake on 1, pie on 2, carrot cake on 3, lemon cake on 4 and the rectangle slice on 5) in the same spin. The feature awards 5 spins with each feature becoming active on each next spin (so on the 5th spin you have all 5 active for potential big wins). This was my go to game when I started gambling!

  8. Grouch Grows says:

    Wonders of age can give multiple bonus' nice vid again azzi , I got a 450x on explosivo skeleto 64x reached in the bonus! Your turn next buddy good luck

  9. Josh Easy says:

    As a gay man, not my favorite video.. i can take a joke but not 10 in a row..

  10. grizz says:

    theres definitely a bloke in there hahahaha

  11. Melly 21 says:

    hell yeah, love new games

  12. Raymond Griffin says:

    Bakers treat wasn't actually the bonus just a mini game

  13. its corbeaux says:

    can you get a primal bonus for next video?

  14. Gwen Davies says:

    Always good to see new games but those were stinkers and most looked cheap and nasty. Not a nice experience for you Azzi. Take care..

  15. crawfy says:

    bakers treat was a mini bonus the main bonus can pay well old games though

  16. Andrew Barton says:

    Caesars conquest ffs he was loving going into the tents lol

  17. Paul M says:

    Bloody hell that Caesar was proper mincing about. Some seriously crap games there but it's good to test out the new games to see which to put on never play list.

  18. Jake Ruler says:

    Buster hammer carnival you can pay for extra wild reels and that’s when it pays as you can get multiple hammers come down

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