24 thoughts on “$500 to $1,750 – Poker Vlog #9”
  1. HarryBPoker says:

    Graphic error at 16:40. Flop was Ac, 6s, 7c.

  2. GWrench9 says:

    Another vlogger that gets an insane amount of premium hands and is a luckbox. Is the trick to start recording or ?

  3. flybone100 says:

    The only reason to go to Coconut Creek 😀

  4. Edu Hermosilla says:

    would nice to see some of the good hands you've folded,good video!

  5. ChoganTv says:

    Love Coconut Creek Casino

  6. Shawn Hall says:

    Just saw this for the first time. Great session and content. Just subscribed.

  7. Happy Face Holdem says:

    New Sub great vLog

  8. Murwin Monsels says:

    Well done Harry

  9. Vito V says:

    Like #420 Good vid keep it up

  10. Phong Giang says:

    Let me get some money f$$ker????

  11. TrenosUK says:

    I like ur method of picking suits to be aggressive or passive with so much that I’m going to start employing it myself.

  12. Burnell Harris says:

    Telling the outcome sucks can’t enjoy the vlog if I know you’re going to win glad u won but it’s silly to waste time watching

  13. George Ladopoulos says:

    Good game-no errors nice video-you doing great- keep it up

  14. Phillip R says:

    Your a very good player

  15. SLUMSON [OFFICIAL] says:

    [SALS] > Stop Asking for Likes and Subs.. we already know, don't need a reminder at the beginning of every video we watch on YouTube.

  16. Will says:

    Best result possible for aces IMO.

  17. Jennifer Brown says:

    Good video!

  18. A Satkowski says:

    I guess it is nice to run well and make a decent read once in a while. Tons of scary boards that allowed peeps to bluff into you. Runner runner for the nuts is good I heard. One or two good reads. Still deciding if you play well or are just running well.

  19. James Guest says:

    Like the A/10 check.

  20. soufiane.26 soufpredator says:

    Song name?? 00:00

  21. Zeke Bones says:

    You ever run into Lex O poker when playing?

  22. Cornell Irons says:

    Trying to understand your bet sizes. You had pocket As and bet 20 dollars and then you had AK off led out with 30 dollars. What's your thought process???

  23. D L says:

    16:39. I hate it when the board pairs with the same suit

  24. Doug McCusker says:

    Nice win, well played. Always enjoy your vlogs!

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