31 thoughts on “$5000 Bonus Buys on Gems Bonanza & Fruit Occasion paying massive! – AyeZee Stream Highlights #7”
  1. Guillermo Romero says:

    That last bonus though

  2. Mikey says:

    Who saw themselves in the chat for the sweet bonanza but!? – nolsygg here. Great stuff mate!

  3. Enter says:

    wtf that Hits ^^

  4. Enter says:

    Good Luck <3

  5. Bang Billy says:

    What the fuck with that fruit party thing? 4 scatter, never seen that before

  6. Kurt Dutton says:

    That was definitely a glitch

  7. J de P says:

    It's so obvious GAMDON has got your account on Happy Mode. I went on there and it's not got nearly the liquidity that could pay you out how you've been winning. You should tell Foss that you are playing with house money ON HAPPY MODE as it's not fair on him getting shafted daily on Stake.

  8. Sjoerd Dalinghaus says:

    So much respect for you love youre vids

  9. Jefrey Visser says:

    I buy 10 buys of 20 bucks and get all under 10 back..

  10. Next Gaming says:

    I'm your Indonesian audience. I like the way you express your victory

  11. Deividas K says:

    fruit party vvas looking like  it broke – deivis874

  12. zepp says:

    Very nice buys mate, gz and gg! zepp_GG

  13. okienative says:

    Obviously the new strat is to just never talk during your bonuses. Okienative

  14. Ravi Raj Singhail says:

    Always great to see you win. rmck_edge

  15. Kenny Lassen says:

    nice videos – dkdonkeygaming

  16. Andrew Rose says:

    Think AyeZee has stolen Foss luck lol but disappointing that you only won just over 30k in 41 spins though don't get me wrong I'd be happy but not super happy about it

  17. ChefCox says:

    Hahahahahaha I remember the silent strat buys, It worked for like 2 and chat roasted you hardrd.

  18. Sand SaBa says:


  19. Satisfactory says:


  20. notViralgfx says:

    Might not win a spin today but on the 24th i will 😛 great upload m8

  21. Alexander says:

    that's a luck of Ayezee crazy 41 free spins I have never seen this many.. – VenZo___

  22. Tanko David says:

    I though you broke Fruit Party in the end there, haha. – DewKiddow

  23. Matthew Oliver-mccormick says:

    The pain on your face not saying anything, gold – R32Chewy

  24. Trenton Smith says:

    Do you withdraw randomly or does your balance just go up and down?

  25. Paul Hennessy says:

    keep up the good vids bro

  26. Jastej Hundal says:

    Those triggers!!!

  27. Jacob says:

    The power of the silent bonus is unmatched -mayoboy420

  28. bigtitty gothgf says:

    it always makes my smile ":) – kuuuulio

  29. Michal Nielsen says:

    wednesday is so far away

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