22 thoughts on “$5,000 On Excessive Restrict Slot Machines – HANDPAY JACKPOT & Stay Slot Play In Las Vegas At The Cosmo !”
  1. NG Slot says:

    My BIGGEST JACKPOT On 3 Reel Slot : https://youtu.be/_1Yzqd7-kuA

  2. Berry Thompson says:

    Ng let's win some money!!!!

  3. Vincent Fedorski says:

    Why are you teasing NG ??? Show him the power of your bonus !!!

  4. zeph Heine says:

    omg that sucked NG

  5. Ty Tipp says:

    Wow, did you win the lottery or something ? How do you have this much money to gamble lol, cool videos though!

  6. paul veenendaal says:

    These mighty cash machine were killing again…… Thanks for the video NG and greetings from The Netherlands (have been many times to Yerevan for business btw) best people in the world !

  7. Indigenous Muur says:

    You're The Most Losing Gambler On YouTube. You Play Back Every $$$$ You Win, That's Pointless. Greed Is A Hell Of A Drug.

  8. judy geluk says:

    good morning ng, feel the power of ng

  9. Debby S says:

    Congrats on 175K subs & also 133+MILLION views…WOW! Great video…enjoyed!

  10. EddieB D says:

    Mighty Cash Outback and All Aboard are typically either an extremely cold or huge hit type machine. Rarely is there an in between. I’ve seen people play .50 cents and hit for $150 in one bonus. I’ve also seen 15-20 spins go by with nothing. The one that was trash was the a Lock Link hearts. When those are cold, they siphon money. That was a very quick $2,000. Better luck.

  11. Doodsie Santos says:

    Tomorrow will be a good handpay jackpot NG

  12. Donna Powell says:

    Ohayo NG have a great day

  13. Karen Jukiel says:

    Not everyone can able to hosts a show. I am amazed .
    And you did it well on each video. Can't able to watch all your videos due to work and lifestyle. But you are my all time favourite.

  14. Jeremiah Johnson says:

    I don't understand that when you are up 50% on a machine, you insist on losing it all back!
    When the machines are being manipulated, you have to when to cut your losses…

  15. Dave Jones says:

    Good session NG

  16. alfred de castro says:

    Better luck next time NG

  17. Aleksandr Lobach says:

    Nice try, but better luck next time! Low bankroll is bankrupt!

  18. Breone LeMonte says:

    “Girls: Are you NG Slots? NG: Yea.”
    Girls scream for the Elvis of slots!” 2:55

  19. โอริโอ้ โกโก้ says:

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  20. M U says:

    He lost 7,300 in like 40 mins. Anyone know if he has a day job?

  21. jose briseño says:


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