35 thoughts on “$5000 SLOT PULL with a $91,000 Tremendous Grand CHANCE 😅”
  1. Elizabeth Mish says:

    I love watching. This group is rowdy.

  2. Lynn Murphy says:

    Love watching group play

  3. Denise RICHARDSON says:

    Yayyy Arkansas in the building!!!

  4. Ruby Farris says:

    Hi Brain

  5. jason carey says:

    Thanks for showing everyone playing safe, the masks and sanitizing!!!!!

  6. AWESOMEMAN says:

    Great video this one was very cool and exciting

  7. Toby Cooper says:

    I just figured it out, Brian could be a very good game show host for games, the next Alex Trebeck but next level.

  8. Cheryl Feucht says:

    Hi to my friends Debbie Supplitt and her bro Ken. Now you are famous friends with the celebrity Brian Christopher..delicious!!!

  9. Andy 814 says:

    $1,920 jackpot…the crowd goes wild, congratulations you win 76.80

  10. Pixel 4XL says:

    Wonder whatever happened to Dan the Man slots or his " Casino Radio News? " His hustle must of been exposed

  11. Vanessa Otero says:

    Now this is a awesome video. Is nice to see that the group pull we’re having fun. Thanks for sharing the video.

  12. susan ware says:

    Let's do that or better at Coushatta next month.

  13. Alice In Casinoland says:

    That was so much fun! I can't wait until the next Rudies Weekend for more!

  14. Chad Catto says:

    Can you get the super grand chance of any denom ?

  15. LynxAQ says:

    Can you stop putting spoilers in the headings of your videos… you never use to do this, so I am not sure why you have suddenly started to tell us what is going to happen in the video…. kinda makes watching them less fun imo.

  16. Donna Powell says:

    Why only five lines missing a lot of hits

  17. Christine Duval says:


  18. Laurie Ringler says:

    Following that Super Grand Chance was a tough task, but it was fun being a part of a Winnnning group pull!

  19. Darlene Yost says:

    I love watching, but sometimes that button Slapping is too much..

  20. Donna Powell says:

    Have fun and get er done

  21. Joan Athey says:

    Where are your mask for sale…. would like to purchase

  22. S Didok says:

    Lol 2 times you said last spin you got challenged with a bonus. They are like no it's not .. congratulations you guys that was really fun to watch .❤️❤️

  23. May Salvador says:


  24. Diana Hunt says:

    Great group pull! Thanks for sharing

  25. Sandra Tan says:

    Awesome group pull! Congrats on the profit! ❤

  26. Celia Jolley says:

    Love group pulls.

  27. Ancilla Luna says:

    The Super Grand just went by our faces….lol

  28. gumby2412 says:

    IT WAS A "WINNING GROUP PULL!"..Lot's of good energy! Thank You.

  29. Nathan Thompson says:

    Bit better than yesterday nice to see super chance got hit this time but major was a real teaser argh lol

  30. Sandy Baumgartner says:

    Another fun group pull!!

  31. erinn kemp says:

    I really like these group pulls. So exciting!

  32. sidsmom123 says:

    After watching two group pulls using this slot machine, I am not a fan of this slot machine!

  33. Melody Renfrow says:

    All women? How fun

  34. urgirl sp says:

    Nice group pull. Shizz just got real thanks Brian for always uploaded ur awesome video

  35. Mary Harris says:


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