22 thoughts on “$62.50 A Spin ✦HANDPAY JACKPOT✦ On Excessive Restrict Lightning Hyperlink Slot | Las Vegas On line casino JACKPOT | EP-18”
  1. Jolly Medalle says:

    Hi NG good luck I'm watching from NY Queens.

  2. Roxan Bissember says:

    My favourite slot channel.

  3. Kajani Theepan says:

    Rasan.kajani My.Husband.rasan SIJANUSHAN

  4. Thomas Smith says:

    I liked the video, thank you

  5. Pamela Sena says:

    Gl NG

  6. xFULANIx says:

    Are the commercials new?

  7. shuna trulyblessed says:

    I hear Jason voice

  8. Frank E says:

    Hooray. Nice hand pay there. Hopefully your luck is changing and you’ll start winning again!

  9. Lora Loza says:

    Seems to me, when new people around joying to play,,,,winnings stop on your side,,,they took your money,,,and you left without….what lately show up

  10. Marianne Maher says:


  11. Brucether says:

    I hear him too !!!!

  12. Delecia Washington says:

    Yep that's king Jason lol. Love your videos NG! Keep em coming!

  13. Robert Edgar says:

    Always hoping that you will get grand jackpot sometime NG .

  14. Brandon Sellars says:

    Hit a big win on the Konami Dynamite Dash machine at the local casino today, $4228 on a $2.50 bet. The casinos around here don’t allow recording or I would start my own channel up, in the meantime I’ll be watching all your videos NG!

  15. Jeremiah Tijerina says:

    Haha like how you can hear King Jason in the background lol

  16. Goldie Khaan says:

    Lucky pearls

  17. mattiedashark says:

    So this is really none of my business by I'm honestly curious if these videos are you playing with your money or if you're given tickets by the casino to market and show off games? All your old videos are like $2-5 bets then progressively get higher then boom you're doing $50-75 bets and $5k sessions near daily if not more.

    I know a while back you commented that you had like a $250k budget per year (Mad props) but it seems like you're blowing that out of the water these days. Something just seems off about the change in your betting size and amounts after years of low bets unless your income just exponentially grew within the last few years.

  18. whitezen2021 says:

    I her King Jason in the background, lol

  19. invader says:

    J pot hand pay is like a . horrible mini

  20. Qin Shi says:

    Cookies points you wanted

  21. Lincoln Apache Avila says:


  22. Debby S says:

    Whew…so glad U had an awesome Bonus to recoup most of your $$. Enjoyed watching.

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