22 thoughts on “$62.50 A Spin Bonus On Excessive Restrict TIKI Fireplace Lightning Hyperlink Slot | Stay Slot Play | SE-11 | EP-18”
  1. Lillian Thorner says:

    That machine is rotten!

  2. Justin Lau says:

    Looks like their just sucking all the money in….that's not right. Hopefully better luck in your next video… how about trying further down the strip? The Golden Nugget?

  3. Michael Bobb says:

    Sorry NG but I would have left that machine alot earlier all the money dumped in it and not enough payback to cover some losses

  4. Joseph Charles says:

    Wouldn't mind seeing online slots lol Those are probably just as bad though haha I like them anyway

  5. Brandi Cox says:

    THANK GOD! I'm so happy to hear you finally ran away from Cosmo! I hated to see how much you lose trying to make great content for your wonderful subscribers and have to leave empty handed so many times..COSMO SHOULD BE PAYING NG DAILY FOR ALL HIS SUBSCRIBERS THAT GO THERE TO MEET HIM AND PLAY THEIR MACHINES! good Luck NG and thank you always

  6. Cyn Gonzalez says:

    But we saw you at night time.

  7. Maya Bell says:

    I had a wild night last night in the casino with $50 went up to $350 then back to $50. And 4 days ago, went up to $750 and back down. I could hit major $800 today but another girl got there before me on 1 cent denom. Amd another lady bet $2 denom $20 wouldn't give up and got the minor $2500 total $2910 jackpot. Another man hit $7200 on fire link fire balls. That's what I won $600 4 days ago, betting $2 dime denom, on 2 machines. Plus $100 on the wheel game. Must hit and go another denom or another machine, most of the time, the machine takes it all back.

  8. Shadley Andrew says:

    1:39 pengalaman saya bermain judi online , yaitu bermain roulete dan dadu sicbo
    kemaren pernah menang 42 juta bermain Roulete dan di bayar di situs
    >> 88juditop,club (tanda koma diganti jadi titik)
    tapi judi lain nya yang online saya kurang suka

  9. rickball09 says:

    Give it up, you lose all the time. Very frustrating to watch your videos as you give any win back to the casino. The titles of your videos are very misleading'huge jackpot!' you don't mention you go on to lose every penny most of the time. Only one way to win a jackpot and that's to walk out the front door with the money in your pocket. Had enough of frustrating gameplay.

  10. Lon Southavanh says:

    Why is everyone calling you NG? I thought it was daniel?

  11. nick nardo says:

    Good choice my friend don't waste your money at that casino that casino is too hungry they don't even want to give you a little bit of a run for your own money again good choice my friend see you at the other casino good night

  12. Dar's Travel & Adventures says:

    Sorry about that NG! You will have better luck at the next casino.

  13. Helen Rosario says:

    Ng try the Hard Rock Cafe i think that's what its called. Ive seen massive payouts there

  14. Jeff M says:

    Better luck next time

  15. Elizabeth Feliciano says:

    It’s there way of getting rid of you. I’ve always had the feeling personally that casino’s have all the power to break you if they feel like it. Especially when it comes to a machine that they can control remotely away from the patron.Remember Casinos are private clubs,they can do whatever they want. You don’t like it go somewhere else. And the end of the day it’s just a choice of recreation. You should try Valley View Casino it’s close Harrah’s in Rincon.

  16. mary aboud says:

    Cosmopolitan machines are beyond greedy your playing on high and you should win something !!! you just wasted your money at this casino wish you a good luck in new casino darling ☝️

  17. Ann Henriques says:

    I can’t speak for any casinos filming policies. Just based on time spent playing on my budgeted gambling money over the years, my best results have been at Bellagio, Venetian and Wynn. Worst was at Caesars Palace. Good luck with future play at the casinos of your choice.

  18. GRIT HUSL says:

    Play at the new ones, Virgin Casino, Circa, or go meet Slot Lady at El Cortez haha

  19. Michael K. says:

    Good luck ng

  20. James Deen says:

    Don’t forget to take them for their COMPS and FREEPLAY until they go down to $0 comps! Or just give me the card. Hahahaha JK bud. About time you left Cosmo!

  21. Cindy Phillips says:

    You need to gamble at the Southpoint Casino. They never backed off on their machine payoff. The place is packed all the time because people know it’s a great place to gamble, have fun, and at least have a chance to win!

  22. Ryan says:

    How many thousands have you lost there…they could name a wing after you. Change of scenery is in order because I know people are winning at places. No reason to limit yourself, but I wonder how your ability to film will be effected.

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