18 thoughts on “£750 Bonus Hunt! Loopy Quantity Of Video games!!”
  1. ashley 1982 says:

    It's not really a give away you have to sign up to a online slot service and spend money so bit off a con really

  2. dylan early says:

    How is your balance at the end of Bass Bonanza the exact same at the start of Gordon Ramsey ? And the same between Ramsey and the next game? Smelling merd. Your balance between each game remains the same.

  3. Justin Manser says:

    I used to play slot freeroll tournaments, and there is a strategy to varying your bet like you did after the bonus in Hells Kitchen. Playing a huge bet on one spin can really pay off. Wait till you haven't had a win in ages, then like you did, play a 5x;-10x spin. If you think about it, it like a mini bonus spin.

  4. Justin Manser says:

    I just do not understand big bass bonaza and who wants ti be a millionaire…. They never seem to pay on any vids I watch, and I watch loads of bonus hunts

  5. AkS HuS says:

    'Men are better cooks than women' – cannot argue with that. Good video mate

  6. Joanna Jowett says:

    I signed up to genisis casino can u put me in the giveaway cudnt find a way to do it on ure website x

  7. Gwen Davies says:

    Good result, I don't gamble but could you send me some of your good luck anyway. Take care.x

  8. Lindsey mcintyre says:

    Decent days work

  9. Alex Schulz says:

    Nothing better than a good old pro raise

  10. Ramonatho says:

    That trash talk about men being better cooks ain't working out too well! Maybe it means something!

  11. Vamp Taff says:

    Great vid again pal nice little cash out good hit on the singing skulls

  12. Kojak K says:

    Pro raise coming on strong. Top results boyo

  13. Harvey Baldwin says:

    great result in the end

  14. Melly 21 says:

    will we get soon a single slot series with Esqueleto Explosivo 2 ?

  15. Melly 21 says:

    42minutes? that´s the right way. now only 1 hour and 18 minutes are missing 🙂

  16. Steph s says:

    Good luck!☆

  17. Mitch T says:

    Let’s goooooo !

  18. Baz 1985 says:

    Good luck

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