18 thoughts on “88 Fortunes Slot Machine! four Image Bonus! $8.80 Bets Solely”
  1. Mike Mellock says:

    Very satisfying sounds…..

  2. robert thomas says:

    In The Background, The Music is The Supremes

  3. MrWoodfiddler says:

    Thank you Sarah for this and all your videos. You are the kindest slot player on YouTube for this old mans eyes. No dribble and blah, etc – just you and your machine. Enjoy home – we look forward to more great uploads. Smiling in awe – Chuck in NE Kansas

  4. alex s says:

    stick with it—or yu are loading it for next player

  5. twainharte says:

    One of my favorite games. I have picked the major twice in the last year at River Spirit in Tulsa on $1.76 bet. Both about $1800. I very much enjoy your videos.

  6. Brian Somes says:


  7. Trev latham says:

    hi sarah well you had a good run but this game is sour love watching you singing x

  8. Clinton Smith says:

    Always Love the Singing… ❤❤❤❤

  9. shotty maxwell says:

    I will not play this one it’s horrible

  10. Junior Andrade says:

    You like el Cortez?? thats by Fremont right? how is the environment

  11. Andres Felipe Gaviria Cataño says:

    start to buy free spins, it's when you always win

  12. Kenneth Lemke says:

    Brrr was a cold cold machine today…good luck

  13. Jason Trosclair says:

    My favorite too. Draws me in everytime. I’ve picked two majors!!!!

  14. Jason Phung says:

    Sarah,do you always stay and live in the hotel?

  15. Rudy Meunier says:

    Slt bonne chance Sarah

  16. Miss Eye Spy says:

    Love your videos how do I know it’s high

  17. Darrell Irwin says:

    I think huff and puff is your best game

  18. Mike Mclaughlin says:

    Fun video loved the look in your eyes on that first mini lol

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