23 thoughts on “$9K BUY-IN! BIGGEST Recreation of Our LIFE!”
  1. Mike says:

    A bit cringy to watch. Admitting you don't know what to do several times, all the while playing thousand dollar pots. Best of luck

  2. Max Bauer says:

    That T7cc hand is ridiculous. Why are you isolating with 10 high against someone who lead the turn and has less than 1 pot size bet left? It doesn't make any sense at all. You aren't isolating with a strong hand, you have 10 high against someone who is basically committed. Bizarre play

  3. Leo Joseph says:

    Tough loss but you didn't lose it all. On the J9 Spades hand, you checked the Turn and only Called…. his 1/3 pot bet indicated that he was trying to see a cheap River, meaning that he was weak AF and vulnerable to a raise. The Ace on the River was also in your range which is why he checked it.

  4. Mark Tombazian says:

    And now you know what reality is when you're playing badly…and thinking you're always going to be playing great. Its delusion…and the trap of gambling. You always think, in the back of your mind, you can go on a rush and kill the table. But reality is, it aint so. And the more you play, the greater the swings become. The mental and emotional treacle is devastating to having a great life because of the fall of the cards you're mesmerized by. It's hypnotic and you're hypnotized by them. Thats the trap of gambling. And everyone knows it but can't stop. Good luck.

  5. Mike Wheeler says:


  6. Michael B says:

    Atleast ya went for it and can learn from it food stuff man!

  7. Pokerlife Industries says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing Ive ever seen.. I cant even watch you. You were going to check raise the Ac river? Do you ever not bet or call its absurd to watch. lol jesus christ

  8. Michael Campbell says:

    wait the guy hit his gutter twice? lol

  9. David Espinoza says:

    Haha he doesn’t know what value is lol

  10. Hillary Sanderson says:

    First hand dude called stack off w q3..bottom pair n flush draw. Not stellar..he was ahead of only another flush draw and when you asked to run it twice that's because you assume you're behind.
    I agree very aggressive however I've never played cash games above 2 / 5.
    I will say I absolutely hate down betting…unless u want a call. Pot odds n implied odds favor opponent when downbetting. And you dont get same info compared to standard sizings.

  11. Charlie J says:

    Fancy play syndrome and no brakes with the betting lead is probably your biggest leak.
    But nice shot take man. The people shitting on you are 1/3 regs, fuck them. Keep up the good work, pretty brave to move up, spew, and then upload the spew.

  12. Picaso Danis says:

    U didn have gutter

  13. Kody Stutzman says:

    Saw this guy win the WSOP bracelet, and I knew he was a luckbox, but damn he plays like the maniacs at my 2nl tables online, going to burn through that entire godsend bankroll with these massive donk bluffs. There needs to be a thought process and a plan, not just “I have a big draw, let’s overbet” and hope they fold. And WTF are these light 3-bets and 4-bets, my guy had a 4-bet range wider than some of my opening ranges. No offense if you’re reading this, but you really need to study off the table before you destroy yourself and start at square 1 again.

  14. Nick F says:

    Ive always gotten lucky at ocean's eleven… Great poker spot with good players…

  15. david douglas says:

    straddles cut stacks —

  16. david douglas says:

    crazy ass action–insane

  17. FTW Strategy says:

    Damn bruh, the only thing I “enjoyed” about this video is seeing that I’m not the only one who runs bad/maybe plays a little worse when shot taking. Honestly props to you on posting this. If I were a vlogger my ass would want to delete this so bad. But at least you get some video value out of your loss in addition to any lessons learned. All in all, your demeanor is quite professional here and I consider myself one to tilt less than the average person.

  18. Mr Meseeks says:

    Rampage reconize your opponents their GAMBLERS. This is fucked! U need to have it stop semi bluffing BRO

  19. Steven Washington says:

    Lamelo Ball Prizm Draft Pick Crusade Rookies are on freakin' fire!!! Every time I see a listing on Ebay that I like someone scoops it up before I can even hit the Buy it Now Button. I think something big is about to go down..

  20. Eduardo Cardenas says:

    Really like your style. You play aggressive when: you have to, when you are not sure and when in doubt.

  21. thsllsaturate says:

    That’s a lot of hookers down the drain

  22. robert germono says:

    u get so in a hurry

  23. Patrick McPhee says:

    your gunna need a garbage bag of corks to plug all those leaks!

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