20 thoughts on “A Horrible Hand, An Wonderful Flop and a HUGE POT! Poker Vlog Clip”
  1. Mike Williams says:

    So sick … bb special lol even if someone raises to 25 pre you probably are folding

  2. Henry Robinson says:


  3. Jessie Mooney says:

    What's up with these one or two hand vlogs

  4. David Newton says:

    i dont like being a test dummy. although my entire life is a test. dont. ; )

  5. Dustin Boone says:

    Sometimes those limp pots can be favorable. Straddled the button for $5 last weekend playing 1/2 at the Hard Rock in SoFlo. Look down at Q4 offsuit after a bunch of limps, check it back and get the ole QQ4 flop, end up stacking another queen.

  6. CardsChat says:

    I am loving these!

  7. Albi Krasniqi says:

    Why a new account?

  8. b richardson says:

    Limped pots are LAND MINES.

  9. Mr Cav says:

    Neeme Lite….that's what I call these

  10. Matt Green says:

    He should have gotten a chop with two 5c in the deck

  11. fishonaquabid says:

    I like the small hit and go video's that you are starting to put out. It gives me a quick poker fix.

  12. mrmickeysmiles says:

    What's the intro and outro music? Love it.

  13. Kevin Hsieh says:

    Nice win were you at commerce on Sunday or today?

  14. Dan Prump says:

    Are u ok???

  15. Britt Doughtie says:

    I like this short format… Like a poker hit-and-run! Rather refreshing.

  16. truthsmiles says:

    Limped pots…

  17. phoenixSoundbyte says:

    210 was THE PERFECT!!!! raise!!!!

  18. Eric Brown says:

    I prefer the longer videos, but I still love the content.

  19. Diesel says:

    Amazing call.

  20. Jaeho- says:

    Reupload? Def saw this before

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