29 thoughts on “A Passive-Aggressive Professional Poker Participant Annoys xQc and will get Roasted by xQc and Chat…”
  1. SahaKit says:

    WHY ON EARTH DOES "AGGRESSIVE" NEED THOSE EXTRA LETTERS FOR!! (English is my second language) Anyways, thanks for pointing that out, fixed it! Pepega Clap WR

  2. Comfortable Sofa says:

    There's a guy who says at 7:43 / 7:44 who says in spanish "eres mi idolo" (you are my idol)
    that's kinda wholesome

  3. Mr.MeatyBall says:

    Like honestly who the fuck is Scott?

  4. Gabriel Marques says:

    Xqc is so funny i cant

  5. Joy Time says:

    His voice helped me with my insomnia, Scott's a good guy guys

  6. hot bread says:

    sounds like the chess club i have 6head galaxy brain for being good at one game but it’s poker lmao RIP you know he’s bothered when he calls xqc of ALL people BORING lmaoooo projecting much

  7. KN1GHT says:

    I don't know who this Scott guy is but holy fuck do I hate his voice, he reminds me of that typical cocky teacher back in high school…

  8. Mahdi Haydar says:

    tbh I respect X for leaving at the end when they voted scott off just for the memes, even tho he roasted the F out of scott 🙂

  9. A.P.critology says:

    Poker isn't luck based lol

  10. Vizion PSBO says:

    Man xQc got so insecure and mad that he spent half the stream talking shit behind the other guy’s back.

  11. Nick says:

    Lol Scott has always been a bit…abrasive

  12. Brick Stone says:


  13. Monkey Man says:

    How are you going to be a "Pro" poker player and let emotions cloud your judgement

  14. Aidan Schlottke says:

    Scott sounds like the discord mod who bans everyone that trash talks him while being annoying asf

  15. Pluckaiy says:

    xqc isnt such a likable guy in games it seems

  16. Aowl says:

    Imagine trying to have a personality by being lucky at a card game OMEGALUL Why are all these Z-List 'celebrities' malding so hard?

  17. Alexa says:

    At the end u kinda feel bad for Scott but then u remember that he began this shit

  18. Illaoi Bo says:

    Cringe editing WeirdChamp

  19. Johnny Tran says:

    Man some of these players sure love playing with Xqc.

  20. Flaye says:

    One comment and Scott is living in his head for over an hour OMEGALUL

  21. Traveller 237 says:

    Xqc is toxic. Scott's annoying but xqc is a child. Many professionals poker players play video games at a high level. Many played MTG and D&D at a professional level. Often they're great chess players. More importantly they're highly intelligent. This is a part of Scott's persona and strategy in poker. So it makes sense he would be this way during a publicly streamed game. Xqc is a toxic little girl who needs to shout over people who intimidate him. Its gross. They both suck but xqc is just the worst

  22. Jesse Albert says:

    This wasn’t very xqcL

  23. Tokyo Boy says:

    Scott was my highschool bully lol

  24. Tobias Sundblad says:

    xQc and Scott both are the same but xQc

    continuously bullying people if they say 1 word to him

  25. royale44 says:

    Xqc’s funny and all (and scott seiver is a dick, true) but as a poker player myself, for him to think of poker as a luck based game shows how much he, himself, suffers from the dunning kruger effect.

  26. JackAttack says:

    “Who you messin with (x)”

  27. ushift says:

    Holy shit xqc is actually so dumb. Such a hypocrite its insane, but aye drama and that's entertaining. Really bad jokes that feel reaching and laughing at really bad chat jokes.

  28. xuiyii says:

    I like how xQc dips when everyone else starts bullying scott, they really thought they could get on his good side by joining in

  29. Nils Rickard says:

    Roasted? Bruh that might have been the worst lines i've ever heard. Even Soulja boy was better

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