27 thoughts on “⚡ A PROSPEROUS $25/BET WIN on Dragon Money 🎰 Slot Machine”
  1. April Grenot says:

    Woo, Gong Xi Fa Cai is HIGH ENERGY kind of game lol

  2. Marcus Gee says:

    That Cash Machine game is horse crap, and I don't think I've ever seen you win on it. Stop playing it Brian, your smart enough to know that one is fishy.

  3. Summer Savage says:

    We need a 3 BACKUP SPINS tee shirt!!!

  4. go f you says:

    lock it link can suck it!

  5. SickKick06 says:

    Stop playing cash machine!!!

  6. Jeff Brantley says:

    Just won the major on huff n puff on a $10 bet Friday, $1500 and some change, was quite exciting! My biggest win on Huff n puff so far.

  7. Crystal Hoffmeister says:

    I spent last week in Vegas anf played all the games you show us. I won $1300 on a 50 cent bet. Second spin. I only put $2 in the machine

  8. Linhda L says:

    Cash machine is a waste of money.! Not fun!

  9. Jamie The Krazy Kuntreee Scratcher Guy says:

    That's an awesome short run, wow, that's how I want to do it!!

  10. Vanessa Otero says:

    Hi Brian and Britt congratulations on those nice bonuses.

  11. nick wescott says:

    that cash machines a rip off gets u every time

  12. Martha Castillo says:

    hello line it up Good luck ..

  13. weerobot says:

    High Rollin…

  14. Bear Claw says:

    Should play that "Temple of Fire" (Max)

  15. Ryan Vickers says:

    Good run today nice win!!!!

  16. John patten says:

    Thing that baffles me Brian is how come every video I watch you win the odds say that is not possible as most of us know you lose most visits but you always seem to win any idea what the majority of us are doing Wong

  17. Angela Lassiter says:

    Hi Brain how you doing? I wanted to tell Britt that she can get a part in a play as a witch because she has that witch laugh. I saying it in a good way. I love looking at shows.☺☺☺☺☺

  18. Bob Joncas says:

    … BANZA !!!! ..

  19. TL Slots says:

    Awesome sessions Brian!!! Keep the winnings rolling and have a Great week

  20. Boston Slots22 says:

    Nice payout on cash slot bet 20 win 2 bucks. Machine us garbage. But like watch n ya

  21. TheCoffeePie says:

    Play more cash machine

  22. Pat Underhill says:

    My local has cash machine, but $5 denomination $50 spins $55000 top prize. Haven’t seen anybody play it yet.

  23. maat hathor says:

    I love my mornings with Brian and Britt. Can't think of anything nicer except going and playing at the casino myself. That will be on Friday March 31st.

  24. Rachel says:

    Is it bad to hit the spin button during a bonus? Or should you just let it do its thing?

  25. Cindy Parks says:

    Great game …love the piggy game …hats galore ….shout out from Adelaide Australia

  26. Txpinkbutterfly B says:

    Good morning I love it when y'all are so perky and Peppy

  27. Lorraine Ferraro says:

    Great for a Monday morning

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