30 thoughts on “A WILD Journey in HIGH LIMIT 🔥$100 Bets + MORE with a JACKPOT!”
  1. GTSslots B says:

    Congratulations on your win. I love me some QH as well. And you're right, free games Max's out at 50 free games.

  2. Tu Papi 69 says:

    Good ending session

  3. Robert Edgar says:

    Love your videos Brian.Hi everyone.

  4. Stephen Helton says:

    Fantastic end. And Brit you do a great job. Fun video.

  5. Jeffery Hainley says:

    Well,worth the pay off.?

  6. Gary Maccalla says:

    You should contact ng slot tube. Both you and my slot at slot high limit contest.

  7. G Mano says:

    Post when u lose too thats okay too

  8. Craig Langlois says:

    Went grocery shopping recently and found BANZA pasta on the shelf!
    Im going to fill up on it next time before I leave for the casino.. HA! They sell it on Amazon.. Brian, go get some and post the results.. I'll be looking for the video….

  9. Terrence Henry says:

    I remember on September 25, 2019 at the World Resort Casino in Queens NY, I played a slot machine similar to the one I'm watching, It was amazing how I betted 10.00$ to play and won 221.00$, some people I talk to, wondered if I won it by accident, because usually you have to bet big, to win big money, I just think it's my luck.

  10. Shelly Gaind says:

    Rain is coming ☀️

  11. Shelly Gaind says:

    Bro light is goen

  12. Tish Harris says:

    2nd to the last spin save, unreal! What a ride!

  13. Mark Kohan says:

    Wow – Now that last bonus was stressful! Congrat's!

  14. John Hoglund says:

    oh my stars

  15. Grannie Bee says:


  16. Martyn H says:

    Good job Brian!

  17. Shelly Gaind says:

    Pz wait

  18. Cynthia Rather Walker says:

    WoW! That was Awesome!

  19. Janie Sirak says:

    Might as well write a comment during the ad. So right now you have 42 spins left in this game which is just amazing and I love how excited you are …I would be too

  20. Travis Luke says:

    Somtimes i dont like how he plays he should of dead stopped some of those quick pick games he let them just keep spinning not paying anything till the end on 42 spins….ive won alot of mobey dead stopping this game many times on the same amount of spins…i find it a waste to sit back and not atleast pretend to change up the outcome of the game..smh love all his videos but this one is the worst one ive watched.

  21. Raul Martinez says:

    Great job Brian amazing video i saw it like right now

  22. Artimece Maston says:

    You talk to much..here to see you play

  23. Thomas Bailey says:

    congrats on your profit win.

  24. Twebbjenkins webbjenkins says:

    Good luck

  25. Sabrina Carten says:


  26. Brenda Hamrick says:

    Good grief that music is LOUD !

  27. Alicia Fortino says:


  28. porcelaingod666 says:

    Congratulations Brian

  29. Chris Meister says:

    Really exciting! Love the 3 reel games!

  30. Brenda Redmond says:

    Awesome win

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