37 thoughts on “ACTIVATE BEAST MODE!! // Texas Holdem Poker Vlog 25”
  1. Joe Bodnar says:

    Thanks for cracking my aces 😉 fun session though, nice meeting you

  2. Audrey Williams says:

    Fantastic, no small boring talk like the big tv events, i normally mute the volume but you are great to listen to.

  3. Marvin Carrillo says:

    your videos are so well made for the amount of time you’ve been doing this, beast! wouldn’t be surprised at all to see you at 100k+ by the end of the year, best of luck to you in this journey man

  4. Chibby says:

    I'm just getting into Poker. I gotta say, I'm learning alot.

  5. Chibby says:

    Comment for the algorithm.

  6. fialee8 says:

    I've watched 2.5 episodes of your vlog. I don't know if it's the editing, but I can tell you now, you appear to get very very aggressive when you win a big pot, and that gets you in trouble. You might want to try to be more disciplined, see more flops, and fold more.

  7. Nicholas Ernst says:

    That A10 of hearts definitely seems like a call. You have the right odds, and it's cash. You don't have to consider things like ICM and all of that. Can they have a set? Sure. You still have the right odds to call, plus you have backdoor draws to the nuts as well.

  8. Shaun Dejwan says:

    Thanks for risking it for the biscuit.

  9. Frosty2211 says:

    Damn near your best session. Well played

  10. Tyson Romero says:

    You thought long and were wrong on that 1010 hand against the boat.

  11. QT8270 says:


  12. BallenX101 says:

    Dude blind bets are strong, they don't care about the next card at all. Their hand is made.

    You fell for the delayed cbet that is very valuable at low stakes

  13. Craig Bloom says:

    Love the videos. One minor thing – the word Villain in your on-screen graphics is misspelled. Yours says "Villian" Either way thanks for the vids and keep up the good work!

  14. Nigel Nesland says:

    Love your vids! Best hand commentating yet.

  15. Kirbs M&G says:

    yes cant wait to hit casino for first time playn poker in casino..i played virtually via wsop ap nd done online gambling so it’s easier for me but imma do my best to b at ease nd access my probabilities to winning and yes i wont get dragged into pot unless im certain i have the winning hand

  16. Electrified says:

    this may seem ridiculous but how are you guys a) filming at the tables and b) remembering all the hands and action for commentary later?!

  17. laxman thapa says:

    This guy is killing the game . Great vlog

  18. Ryan Hogue Passive Income says:

    Love the vlogs bro. The more amateur perspective is great and I'm learning with you

  19. rob rob says:

    Solid content brother!

  20. Doug McCusker says:

    Headed down to San Diego end of the Month, wondering what days you normally play at Jamul? Trying to find a good day and time to run into you there.

  21. Anthony Pichette says:

    been here since the 150 dollar buy in days :p

  22. Xdwinter _ says:

    Great Wins ! Running hot and playing good again….

  23. Jesse Infante says:

    Hi pokerbeast i wanted to upload a couple of poker videos I've recorded from some of my poker sessions. What overlay do you use to demonstrate your hand/flop/turn/river ?

  24. jdfrench86 says:

    Awesome showing tough spots even when you're wrong as we learn from mistakes and your thought process would have been similar to many in the same spot. Most vloggers only show when they get sucked out on as losses. Not much to learn

  25. Robert Coleman says:

    Great vlog! Keep them coming!

    I used to live in San Diego. Would play at Sycuan, Oceans Eleven, and Seven Mile. Have you played at those? How do they compare to Jamul? Will check it out next time I’m in the area.

  26. Ryan Listerman says:

    You know you’re running pure when your kings full wins the high hand bonus.

  27. NotTheNuts says:

    Oh man, when you bet next to nothing with your QQ after flopping top set, I was screaming at the phone. Lucky for you the villain had nothing. You're basically BEGGING him to hit some draw.

  28. TheGazofcas says:

    Also your whole mindset is wrong….looking for a reason to fold when your behind 90% of the time. it's auto fold with flush and straight

  29. TheGazofcas says:

    With all due respect the first hand its hard to work out who played it worse you or the villain, the 2nd hand he couldn't have told you, you were further behind if showed you his cards

  30. Jon Delano says:

    nice call with top set, well reasoned.

  31. James Hanna says:

    Nice run

  32. Matthew Bryan says:

    So on the hand with pocket 10s.. have to remember the preflop raiser is first to act between you three.. so having top pair and betting it just doesn’t seem profitable when you can hope of the 2 behind you.. one of them has a hand or tries to bluff it. Then drilling trips on turn.. obv not worried about any hands now so checking and letting you dig your own grave is optimal.. the early shove on river should’ve been your huge red flag as obviously there wasn’t any river cards he’s afraid of. I only commented on this hand as I feel I’ve done this exact line myself before and the opponent still did what you did and I made Max profit n couldn’t believe I got a river call. Just my 2 cents

  33. Alan Campos Oliveira Passos says:

    wow very nice vlog man! You should make a trip to Lake Elsinore, Morongo or Agua sometime! On my end of things I really want to check out Jamul I have never been I live about 2 hours away!

  34. えむつー says:

    Your video is easily to study for Japanese.
    ATs at 12:02
    If I were playing, I must be call and lost many stacks.
    Nice fold !
    I learned your poker playing.
    Thank you!

  35. Code Red says:

    LFG 8 5 of hearts ftw

  36. Andrew Gay says:

    Loving the continued content!!! No fluff no BS, honest analysis and self-critique…keep it up bro!

  37. Coulson Hamblett says:

    I look forward to watching your videos now, love the content and absolutely love the analysis of the hands like the pocket 10’s you had and talked about what the other guy had on the river

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