19 thoughts on “Aggressive Professionals Get Punished For 3-Betting Me Once I Have It! Poker Vlog Ep 154”
  1. Brad Owen says:

    Meant to say 7 5 2 all hearts at 5:19. Sometimes I don't catch my mistakes before uploading, nothing I can do after uploading unfortunately.

  2. Ricardo Montalbum says:

    And the tired French joke gets an unsub

  3. woodstock says:

    a like and a comment well earned. another nice one.

  4. DevMP says:

    167 mad frenchies disliked. Even though the comment about surrendering was so true 😀

  5. Eric Williams says:

    Quite good at surrendering? haha!

  6. Alexis Lopez says:

    What’s a good poker app for seasons ?

  7. ekw555 says:

    @5:20 "the dealer puts out 7-5-2 rainbow" graphic shows monotone hearts . . . .

  8. Blake Snowden says:

    french "surrender" – f'ing BRILLIANT !~ really legitimately laughed out loud.

  9. New life Begins says:

    These people who talking about others and they don’t even know where they come from ! Look your story before to talk. I am sure you don’t even know or might be French.

  10. New life Begins says:

    French surrenders? Ahahah where you come from ? Of course America but for real? Which country your great grand parents moved from ? Germany I guess ahahaha

  11. Maxwell Kahn says:

    Do you need an editor?

  12. Charles Henry says:

    you must love hanging at a table when one opponent thinks straights beat flushes…

  13. Jhayr Llagas says:


  14. James A says:

    Some track coaches have learned to make fast moves. Good vid fun to watch and always learn good stuff. Thanks Brad

  15. Jackson MeHoff says:

    That Jack Eight of diamonds reminds me a hand i had that. Flopped Seven Nine Ten of diamonds but i was so short in chips it was nice but dang wish i woulda had 5x the chips.

  16. Morris B. says:

    Fun! Do you get comped at least for food given how much you play?

  17. Blake Burgess says:

    Thanks for taking the time to talk about your favorite books. Can't wait to do some pleasure reading! (I'll likely never be a pro poker player, but I'll really enjoy learning about it.)

  18. DPTAZZZ says:

    Nothing like Bradley Video on a Monday morning to start the drooling off right. Can't wait to get back to Vegas.

  19. Glazed420 says:

    April fools day

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