1. Greg The Gambler says:

    Nice hand pays! I used to drink alcohol when I gamble. Now I drink pop or water when I gamble.

  2. rashrick1 says:

    spent $7000 to "win" $4000…!!

  3. flowersandcandy flowersandcandy says:

    If you played the 25 cent or 50 cent wheel of fortune machine, you would see that wheel of fortune symbol all night and day.

  4. Mark Challed says:

    WOF very stingy with the wheel. Greg got a spin! Thanks for the post. Lots of fun action.

  5. Shelley says:

    I want a cosmo drink now

  6. DC Williams says:

    I see one sec after you hit the button and it’s done spinning you hit it again. One sec cadence. Where is the 3 & 5 second cadence??? That’s rookie shit you know better!!!!!

  7. DC Williams says:

    Who taught you how to play slots why aren’t you trying out different times. Of hitting the button. 1sec , 3sec ,5sec, then cycle through till you get results it depends when you hit that button to win a jackpot. So why aren’t you counting one Mississippi 2 Mississippi………….. if this your profession I shouldn’t tell you what you should already know but aren’t doing.

  8. maria I says:

    $888,000 ?
    Of all the slot channels I'd love to see you or NG win that jackpot. Yay!!!

  9. Patrick Martin says:

    The only reason Top Dollar and N. Jingo get the 100 dollar wheel of fortune spin is they beg a lot. and cry a little bit, lol.

  10. Slotty D says:

    That game is so tough. $100 is a ton. My stomach hurts thinking about it lol. Would love to meet up with you in Vegas if we can make it work. We are there 5/18-5/22

  11. Mike Logan says:

    Nice hand pays wish there was more. Thanks for the awesome video.

  12. Linda K says:

    That was a rough Wheel!

  13. BIG T&A SLOTS says:

    Amazing video! Love all the $100 #WOF action!

  14. Shhh Slots says:

    OMG. Of course Greg got the spin. LOL! I was routing for you so hard Stacey!!! So much love and luck from AZ

  15. Da Rock says:

    Root for #Stacey to get that $100 SPIN!!!!

  16. James Chow Hoy says:

    Stacey….UGHHH! I could feel your frustation on $100 WOF. You gave it a awesome try, you got guts girl!!! Nice hit Gregg, at least you got some of the loss back!!! Go get um!!! Aloha!!!

  17. Yvonne Hunter says:

    I watched your video when you won 16000. Was hoping you'd do it again. Good luck!

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