11 thoughts on “All Bonuses again to again: When poker fails”
  1. RichArd Taylor says:

    These dead ass bonuses hahaha classic.

  2. Wynn Wynn says:

    I'm really confused now I thought I was watching BigKats Poker but looks more like NG slots LOL

  3. El Dorado says:

    Another great vid. Btw we went to fire keepers, had a great meal at smoke and fire, we risked it for the “ brisket “

  4. Tomeka Haywood says:

    Whohoo!!! Ma got the Hot hits and Buffalo! Way to go! I hit on Buffalo back in November for $3000 that was a fun time at Sam's Town!

  5. Zack Peck says:

    Hey BigKats. I was at Harrah earlier and hit quads 2s with Kicker double double and a few small quads ended up 700. decided to play 100 in dueces wild. Swear to everything this happened. Hit quad aces no wild dueces 2 hands in a row once with 3 kicker(paid 20 credits each time). Never wanted to cry so much in my life and not sure I will ever play dueces wild again.

  6. janis talcott says:

    Another $2.9M hit at the Venetian! Those jumbo jackpots are hitting all over the place. I tried the slots. Ate my lunch. Good Luck to you and Ma.

  7. e3754 says:

    That cash fall is my game bro. Nickles though. Always get lots of play to build comps and random big hits.

  8. Lisa Marando says:

    Hi Ma!

  9. pjcletrac says:

    I've really been enjoying your videos. Can you please tell what the music is at the beginning? It sounds like an opera, but I can't seem to identify it. Thanks.

  10. Lisa Marando says:

    Hey J!

  11. DAVID JONES says:


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