37 thoughts on “ALL IN AFTER ALL IN & QUADS!!! (+ FIRST MEETUP GAME!!!) – Poker Vlog 33”
  1. Braden Smith says:

    It's the year 2068. Poker has been "solved" for the Last 30 years and sadly has been all but abandoned by society because of how easy it is to download perfect poker GTO software. Value is hard to come by. Now the only games are played in rundown abandoned old bars and dungy basement home games where gto technology is forbidden. We find our hero Jack sitting down at a 2/5 table in the heart of Texas in one of the only card rooms left called the Hide Away.. its full of obscured faces and emotionless eyes that have seen too many bad beats to count. He sighs, buys in for the minimum and takes his place in seat 7.

    After an hour or two a couple of young kids come to the table full of hope and the dreams of glory that remind our hero of older times. They sit down in either side of jack and get delt in.

    "You two remind me of When I was your age. I used to play with my buddies all time." Says jack as he looks down at 2 black Queens from under the gun. "Raise to 20."

    The young kid to jacks left folds as he asks Jack what it was like back then before perfect poker was played everywhere.

    "It was great, kid. Life had so much to offer. We were vloggers and had thousands of viewers. We even had merch that some people were buying. It wasn't much, but just being a part of the poker world seems like a fading memory now…" says Jack as action folds around to an old head in seat 2 who raises to 45.

    "What did you call your vlog? I might go check it out! I used to watch some of those by… I think Andrew Owen or something like that." Says the kid in the big blind as he calls the 45.

    Jack throws in 25 more and they see a flop of Q♦️10♣️9❤, the kid checks and looks back at Jack for his answer.

    "We called it nextGen poker, but it really should have been called LastGen with what has happened… Raise to 105."

    "No way!" Cries the kid to jacks left "Frankie is my Grandpa! He's been banned from poker ever since he tried to angleshoot the wsop main event in 2025 with the guys from solve for Y and hack the gto technology!"

    That's incredible kid! Tell that ol' man Jello sends his regards next time you see him. And that it's a damn shame what happened back in '25. His heart was in the right place. Look what has happened to poker since! gto has destroyed what used to be so beautiful!"

    "I thought I recognized you Jello. I'm all in!" Said the old man in seat 2, and Jack's eyes flash to the tattoo of a rose on his left wrist that he some how missed before, as the man slides in $545.

    The kid to Jack's right quickly folds and Jack smiles and says; "I was hoping to see you here, Rosie. I call! Do you want to run it once or twice?"

    "It's up to you ol' friend, you're behind.' Says Rosie, as he flips over K♦️J♦️ for the flopped straight.

    "Dammit, I guess twice it is. I've got outs." Says Jack as he flips over his set of queens. "But either way you're buying drinks. We have to talk about how to get this kids grandpa back to the felt."

  2. AceKing says:

    Great channel guys! Keep up the grind!

  3. Michael B says:

    Imagine u raise the flop?? Not turn lol

  4. Michael B says:

    And the turn as well as u see scare cards come

  5. Michael B says:

    Ace 8 hand gotta raise that flop bro any ace calling

  6. Poker Soldier says:

    Sometimes digging yourself out of a hole and breaking even, feeling like a big win. Good job guys!

  7. Daniel Beier says:

    Bro pay attention to the road! Almost risked all that profit for a quick fist pump

  8. John B. says:

    Nice playing with you guys Sunday. Let me know how I can purchase a hoodie from you guys. Talked to you guys before play started but forgot to get info on how to get besides from website. Looking forward to playing again. Good luck. another great video fellas!

  9. Kevin Alexander says:

    Fellas! All in the GREEN! A little run good is good for the soul. Wish I could make it to Austin. Sounds like a blast! But that's wifey's b-day. Don't have the coconuts to say I'm going to play poker instead…lol.

  10. Kevin Lee says:

    Now we know Jello reps American Eagle HAHA

  11. miwady says:

    Keep it up boys, been great watching these vlogs!

  12. Michael Lee says:

    im the asian guy in the back at 17:09

  13. Amelia Goodyear says:

    And girls, boys.

  14. Henry Schumann says:

    A8 hand. Always protect your 2 pair. Bet on flop and if A2 raises, you’ve got them roped in. Only hand you should really fear is 22 in that spot.

  15. Jack Sanchez says:

    No high hand for quads?

  16. ECFresh Fishing says:

    limping behind in loose 1-2 games with the right hands is a good move

  17. charles nipp says:

    Another Great Vlog. This looks like the night I met y'all up there. Keep it up boys. Have to work this weekend, wish I could make it down to Austin. Good luck on the felts

  18. Davis Gonwa says:

    Do y'all have an agreement to not play hands against each other?

  19. John Ferreira says:

    Just finished watching all your vlogs and I think I actually regressed in poker. Have to unsub. Start a Boy Band maybe.

  20. Kaco says:

    HJ Reraised you to $200 and folds after a jam for $250??

  21. Michael B says:

    Haha that 9 10 of clubs you want to actually bet Everytime to get money in with so much equity and 2 cards to come.

  22. Michael B says:

    Nice glad to see y'all getting little better keep it up ladies! I mean boys!

  23. Jason Scarrotts says:

    All in the Black!! Nice job boys! Have a blast at the meet-up game!

  24. 26bisket says:

    Zero chance a cutoff will ever check river with value after the hand is checked through on previous streets

  25. DillyDillyPoker says:

    Did Jack say what he folded in that last hand?

  26. Common Sense NOT too common says:

    Frankie checks with the straight flush draw. Really? Can NEVER be too nitty or safe I suppose, OMG!

  27. Christopher Padgett says:

    What makes this vlog very unique is the use of all three of your phones and positions. Whoever edits these blogs is very talented and patient. Excellent work as always guys. Have you put your vlogs up for the poker awards held every year in Vegas? Andrew has won that award 3 years in a row…..you guys need to break his winning streak…..

  28. 707 SaV says:

    On the A8 hand brotha you didn't raise cause the J was a scare card for yo probably, he could've got AJ but I would've raised to 175 at least to pay for any flush draw or A any kicker but you still got paid

  29. J Stack says:

    Looking forward to this weekend! Come on guys, is it the 23rd yet?

  30. Dennis Hall says:

    Like the vlogs. Maybe get a filter for your camera to take out the red eyes.

  31. Jesse Strong says:

    Road to 10k

  32. Xdwinter _ says:

    Let's go boys great wins!!!!!!!!

  33. ATX Poker says:

    Lets Go Boys we are excited to have you in town! Going to get some good content.

  34. Jacob.trollbridge says:

    Lets go boys!!

  35. Marcus Crandall says:

    Yes first

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