41 thoughts on “ALL IN FOUR TIMES! (2/5NLH) – Poker Vlog #10”
  1. HarryBPoker says:

    Thanks for watching! Small graphic error at 7:15. The “HJ” player was actually in the CO.

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  2. Sam Miller says:

    You should keep your open size not as
    Polarizing, Like when you had AA you open to 30$ and $15 when you have non face cards is a easy tell on hand strength.

  3. Jeff Brown says:

    I am fairly new to Hold 'em and Ive played tournament style. But cash games are kinda new to me. What's the difference between 1/2, 2/5 or 5/10? I understand the forced bets or blinds are what the 1/2 is referring to, but is there limits on betting after that? Can you just raise whatever you have available, and if so aren't all the games 1/2 or 5/10 essentially the same? Other than the initial forced bets? I'm just trying to learn the cash game and don't want to waste anyone's time at a table until I understand the betting. Thanks for any help.

  4. Mike Williams says:

    I folded ak 2 times after turn last night I was right today I was wrong flop was akx both times turn was q both times last night guy had qq and today guy had ak vs aq both hands had 3 players in it and we are betting flop and they are calling

  5. Mike Williams says:

    Lol aq

  6. Mike Williams says:

    The boat over boat hand u were lucky u obviously are gonna check the flop and he hits an ace … so say u bet what 75 100 he calls and u lose when he hits ace on river

  7. TrenosUK says:

    Not that I know that much, but aside from the AA over bet I felt you were betting a little too much particularly in the earlier hands.

  8. TrenosUK says:

    Your poor play on that 66s hand probably saved you some money.

  9. TruthSpotter 17 says:

    I already enjoy your poker vlog more than andrew and brads. I really appreciate your constant hand analysis Harry, you're very consistent. Much respect my dude.

  10. Fernando Boneta says:

    Good shit homie nice meeting u the other night! Will see u again 😉


    You keep getting better and better Brotherman, great job on the vlog… Keep them coming!!!

  12. Joan Fisher says:

    I'm a little confused w/the ranges you mention. Didn't you say the lojack knows you and you've been playing extremely aggressively. Why would he fold to you when you 3-bet him w/8 10. By being aggro; doesn't that make him think you are bluffing?

  13. joey p says:

    So let me get this straight. Guy loses QQ to AQ all in pre, gets stacked, rebuys in for 300, 3B raises to 75 with AK, get raised all in and thinks about it? If that isn't a snap call in that spot what is lol

  14. nicco rojas says:

    Sick man I live right across the street from the creek casino I’m there every other day playing black jack

  15. PokerQ says:

    Ew, I don’t like T8cc and I love exploitative plays.

  16. Susan Bender says:

    Good job, thanks for the thought processes

  17. Luis Jose Hernández Padilla says:

    Wow so lucky! Great moves ! Keep it up

  18. Elio Levy says:

    Your math is a little off at the 4:15 mark. You're risking $50 to win a $265 pot because you'd need to add the amount that you're calling to the total pot size. So you'd need to be right a little less often there. Great blog by the way I'm subbed and enjoy watching

  19. Southside Royal says:

    I like your blog style like showing the random openings even if they fold … subscribed

  20. Pat Ocall says:

    Great stuff, with high hand promotion why bet the set of Aces? If another Ace Hits Jackpot!! Also you tend to reach towards your chip stack even before the action is on you, tipping that your going to raise, just constructive criticism, most younger players Lock it up when they're ahead not you you keep firing good to see!!

  21. Zhengyang Sun says:

    nice vlog keep it up!

  22. Doug McCusker says:

    Nice session Harry, you played your image well. Keep stacking those chips!

  23. Brandon Ngo says:

    Good video, you have sizing tells though.

  24. James Guest says:

    Dude your still learning! you will make mistakes. They see you trying play strong and put you in tough positions. Suppose be other way.

  25. James Guest says:

    You talk like your a pro. You are not!

  26. andrew bawden says:

    3 things: leave your ego at the door, work on proper bet sizing, and don’t bet marginal spots so often

  27. Dropshot says:

    Great vlog but why overbet when you flip top set the odds of getting a call from a case ace are so rare. And the inconsequential 7 and 5 is not calling a 3 bet pre so you are really only maybe getting called by 77 or 55 as no reasonable person will put in 75 for a flush draw

  28. DA BABY says:


  29. Ken says:

    Ridiculous play with the 6s. You let the opponent get there for absolutely free..

  30. Phong Giang says:

    Let me get some money f$$ker????

  31. Giovanni Bazzini says:

    Do you ever play at the hard rock?

  32. Kwai Brian says:

    Nice video dude, was wondering how do u add the cards into the videos, was about to start my first poker vlog as well

  33. Christopher Padgett says:

    Excellent work. Aggression either saves you or stabs you in the back. Great commentary on your opponents at the table. Keep grinding…..

  34. Robert R says:

    Don't chew gum when on camera. Just a suggestion.

  35. Burnell Harris says:

    Thanks for not giving away the outcome… nice session homie

  36. mike Vincent says:

    Watching someone run so good when I’ve only booker a win in 4 of my last 14 sessions for a net loss of (262) is quite annoying lol

  37. Trust but Verify says:

    You lost minimum on boat over boat. Your mistake saved you hundreds. 🙂

  38. favor4afavor says:

    What is the strategy or reasoning buying in for only $500 in that game? I know you've been doing well with it but I usually come in for at least $1500 on a 2k capped 2/5 in my area.

  39. Paul Martens says:

    Harry B!!! Awesome run you've been on….. keep it up!!!

  40. Vito C says:

    Excellent session

  41. Vito C says:

    Unfortunate on the boat over boat but good awareness

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