34 thoughts on “🦚 ALL IN on this PEACOCK BEAUTY w/ MULTIPLIERS at Blue Chip On line casino”
  1. Cynthia MB says:

    First time I played Buffalo was at Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino after 102 bonus spins I won $82.00 Played at Winstar Casino and after 20 bonus spins I won $438 that is the most I have ever won on Buffalo.


    I HATE Buffalo Max. The first and ONLY time I ever played it, I got the bonus on my first spin-max bet! I got nothing, nada, zero, zilch! lol Good luck to you Brian! Love you and Britt!

  3. Vanessa Otero says:

    Hi Brian and Britt. I like the room. Is nice and spacious. I played River Dragons when I went to Atlantic city and didn't win anything. I wish I had your luck. Great video!

  4. NHL23 says:

    You'll never know but right before you hit the 1st bonus it said at the bottom you need 6.

  5. Linda Davidson says:

    Love the Blue Chip! What an awesome place!

  6. Kathleen Reed says:

    It is frustrating when you get so many spins but not a lot of wins. I have to remember it only takes one good spin to win big. Good luck Brian.

  7. Rosie Q Slots says:

    Nice bonus… and Awesome vid….Thanks for sharing

  8. Dan Walton says:

    I used to go there when I lived in chicago, they were just building the hotel, but I remember, the buffet was very good.

  9. Dewayne Dyer says:

    line it up big time

  10. Donald Ferrell says:

    Good Luck !!

  11. James Pizzuti says:

    Hi Brian, thanks for keeping us entertained! Your videos are cool.

  12. Rainbos Kid Las4Vegas says:

    Love the suite you get for your perks

  13. Logan nsme says:

    The room is awesome

  14. Monica Alvarado says:

    Are you coming back when they open Hard Rock Casino in Northern Indiana May 14?

  15. Rainbos Kid Las4Vegas says:

    Got hooked on watching Brian on the TV.. And now watch him whenever I can on my phone. Must be one of the luckiest men on earth.. Seems so down to earth

  16. Tammy Cruz says:

    Awesome u should of told me i would of traveled from Michigan just to see u . Best of luck

  17. Tammy Jacobs says:

    Call that a retrigger kind of day.

  18. angry bird99 says:

    Had to mute during river dragons man! Wow there was loud beeeeeeeeeeeeep during that whole spin

  19. najatte hawkins says:

    I hate elevators i prefer cabins or the stairs he careful there Is plenty thiefs dont leave your wallet in your room.

  20. Dave Robinson says:

    I like how Britt slowly turned the camera to get that Lurker out of frame, well done Britt! lol

  21. Nelda Gandara says:

    Good luck Brian Christopher hello from Texas I love to see your videos I see them every day

  22. RobertLake1976 says:

    That hotel room is awesome

  23. Catherine Alexander says:

    I want that bath

  24. Carol Foss says:

    Wow Brian, beautiful hotel room. If I'm out there I'd like to get that style hotel room. If I may ask, do they charge about $200 or more per night?

  25. Rebecca Pratt says:

    Thank you,the room nice!!! Have fun from Anderson,In,enjoy!!

  26. Betty Roman says:

    Hey Brian Greenwood indiana here line it up

  27. Randy Luxenberg says:

    What a beautiful suite! Love it

  28. john duval says:

    Double vanity for sure! ☮️

  29. butteredlove Michele says:

    Wow you finally made. So happy you are here.

  30. Agnes Smith says:

    Hi Brian and Britt… that Buffalo Max was horrible…I thought you would get a lot more money from all those spins… Nothing like building your hopes up … Those casinos…..

  31. Chris Hughes says:

    There s been no worse creation in the entertainment industry than the coming up 2morow or next fearures on any tv show or site that shows a preview! Why in the he'll would I want 2 have the surprise or entertainment value diminished in what ever I'm watching rather than being surprised or shown when I can c all of it? Just bc u get a bonus isn't exciting enough 4 me 2 say oh wow gotta tune in 4 that lol u can c literally millions of slot bonuses or wins online just saying please b origional original and think about it I believe most would agree lol

  32. kaykaykat ._. says:

    I recently played River Dragons at Harrah's Biloxi on 2nd spin 88cent bet and won 112 free spins for 323.00 dollars what fun

  33. vegas on film says:

    Bret / Brian ..tell.me , love the shoes .are they red Nike Air force ?

  34. David Deboy says:

    That was the worst bonus I've ever seen on buffalo.

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