32 thoughts on “ALL-IN with ACES on the Seminole Exhausting Rock | Poker VLOG 87”
  1. JohnnieVibes says:

    If you want to snag my new merch! https://vibesessentials.com

  2. Will O says:

    Poker n stuff n the comments

  3. Shabazz says:

    Keep going a great job Vibes. We all need to hear positive words esp. in this day and age! Good Shit!!!

  4. Fahad Al says:

    Very great vlog

    Thank you for the AK analysis

  5. Robert Zteventz says:

    The only poker vlog i watch from start to finish

  6. rohit reddy says:

    The awesome guy has been working there for 15+ years.

  7. Mike Mckeon says:

    Shout out to David!

  8. Joe Lazar says:

    How do you win all three sessions plus you stake a guy and he wins too?

  9. Arnold says:

    Cheers from The Netherlands. Hope we can fly out soon. Be save.

  10. Stratos Nicolaidis says:

    i was in a hand sitting with around $860, playing blinds are$5, $5 .. i am on the button.. its a straddled preflop.. so its $5, $5, $10. middle position makes it $40, 3 other callers. it comes to me i have kings.. i raise $140.. 2 other players call.. now its $430 in the pot.. the flop comes ace hearts, king hearts, ten spades .. remember i am on the button so i am last to speak.. it is 3 ways now. first player check.. second player goes all in for $160.. he was short stack.. now i call $160.. which leaves me about $550 in my stack. now the first play which covers me goes all in. for $1000. question do i call.. or can i fold.
    i end up calling turn blank.. river jack.. i loose to a straight.. he had ace queen, no hearts..
    he said he put me on a flush draw.. and i wouldnt call a raise.. or his raise..
    did i play this hand wrong..

  11. Alfredo Lopez says:

    Go johnnie

  12. Matt Sivits says:

    Love this type of format

  13. Marcjulian Rosello says:

    im confused, trip 8's beat trip 7's?

  14. Norm Nusbaum says:

    Enjoying the vlogs. I played at SHR soon after they opened in 2019. Great looking room; love the art work on the walls. Maybe you can show some of them next time. Also like the time stamps.

  15. Jamie Eastwood says:

    Dude keep pumping the videos love them

  16. Jacob Cadena says:

    Great stuff johnnie!!

  17. Mark Abshire says:

    dope vid, Johnnie!

  18. Kyle murphy says:

    Does your wife still enjoy living out of a Tesla ?

  19. Flora Lipke says:

    As always enjoy your video. Keep coming and good luck!

  20. Michele Puluti says:

    I love playing at Hard Rock, Hollywood. Beautiful poker room, good action. Your Vlogs rock Johnny. Thanks for sharing them.

  21. jdcloseouts says:

    Welcome to Florida !

  22. melbxs says:

    Great vlog, thank you. Good luck

  23. scott p says:

    Cool video! Like the time stamp before the hands.

  24. Chris Gitre says:

    Love adding time stamps, to your vid

  25. Lord Chinchilla says:

    Your best yet, amigo.

  26. Ben Hester says:

    Love the timestamps!

  27. WJL says:

    i spoke with Alec Torelli who confirmed he could probably help you with your game

  28. Bob Marley says:

    upload more video with deep analysis for big pot please…..

  29. ACC420 says:

    Always happy to see another fresh vlog from the one and only Mr. VIbes – you rock

  30. Eddie G says:

    That was the best video I’ve seen in a long time. Keep it up Johnny it’s also nice to see you win!!

  31. Atlas Shrugged says:

    Great content thank you.

  32. Mike Tsoukatos says:

    Hands down my favorite production of any vlogger

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