26 thoughts on “All-In with Pocket Kings (twice) | Poker Vlog #70”
  1. CerealMilK says:

    What was there to explain on that second KK hand lol that was an auto shove with top full house. Nice hand and well played

  2. CerealMilK says:

    8:18 I would never check there. I would always like to take the pot down ASAP. Why would you let him draw for free to an A or a K.

  3. Joe D says:

    You got to 70 vlogs pretty quick. Good work man. Way to go on what I presume to be a pretty profitable endeavor in poker and good on you to keep the content rolling.

  4. mikevick707 says:

    Does anyone else find it weird this guy skips weeks at a time and shows very few losing sessions?
    This guy does not play sick enough from the hands he shows to have this sort of win rate imo but there is a small chance I could be wrong.

  5. Lane Hansen says:

    Hey man how long would you recommend sessions be?

  6. Apollyon81 says:

    Great video. Good bluff catching.

  7. OkiePokerPlayer says:

    Nice session Mariano.

  8. Winner's Choice Invitational says:

    Don’t worry about going stale.. Poker is poker, regardless of place.

  9. Gustavo Fernandez says:

    LOL Did anyone else notice that @ 12:50 one of the players stole one of his chips???

  10. M. R. says:

    This guy runs like an absolute God

  11. Bogdan Tsymbalyuk says:

    That guy steals a chip at 12:50. Please tell me I’m not tripping

  12. Some Random Dude says:

    Mariano – not sure about the security there at the casino, but maybe think about not sitting in your car and vlogging after you’ve won that much cash. Parking lots are wonderful places to get rolled

  13. D Jones says:

    Good stuff. Enjoyed

  14. carlos says:

    Hoje many hands u play on a day of game?

  15. Daniel Rutkowski says:

    I didn't like these hands, I LOVED them — especially after being super duper card dead in my most recent live sessions.

  16. Lance Farmer says:

    Nice video Mariano! 🙂

  17. Joe Lewertow says:

    I find it peculiar you chose not to review your 6k loss, choosing instead to highlight your winning session

  18. David Bellamy says:

    New subscriber. Interesting to see your strategy. Some value missed in early streets but made up on the river.

  19. Jeff Manley says:

    Thank you for saying “I” and not “we”.

  20. Spencer Poston says:

    Hey Mariano, I’m new to poker and have been playing just a couple months now. I’m hoping to play in a casino for the first time this summer. Do you have any wisdom you could share about playing live for the first time?

  21. Mark Edge says:

    I just started watching your videos, do you have a wild image at the table? Just some of these calls you get are like, wow!

  22. Edu Hermosilla says:

    nice to get yout knowledge and explanations!thanks

  23. akdisorder says:

    12:48 does the guy on the left steal a chip from the pot?

  24. AceKing says:

    Another sick blog!!! Keep it up bro!

  25. Bob Weiser says:

    75 degrees out and the last dealer is wearing a parka. God bless Asians

  26. Forest Cannon says:

    Great poker vlogs. Really enjoy your content

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