16 thoughts on “AMAZING JACKPOT HANDPAY! MORE THAN 100 FREE GAMES! Buffalo Diamond Slot Machine!! CRAZY BONUS!!”
  1. Adriane Bailey says:

    My fav! Congrats!

  2. Chief 3 says:

    A few days late but nice win

  3. Slotty D says:

    Awesome bonus. Glad you got the handpay. We were wondering if you were going to get it and it finally started paying better. Congrats!

  4. Mark Crow says:

    I so much like your videos as you bet within the range of us common folks. Appreciate that. Won my first money in the El Cortez in 1967.Of course I was under age but carried all those quarters back to the Golden Nugget so my adult friends could tell me how to cash them in. Memories.

  5. Joe Lazar says:

    I can’t wait to see what’s hiding behind that mask once Covid ends.

  6. Matthew Kesterson says:

    gotta say, you are better looking than SD Guy….lol

  7. Judi Kozlowski says:

    Sweet and wity, you'll be OK in this life,

  8. Charlotte Nasise says:

    Great bonus.

  9. Pajhuab Thoj says:

    But the machine said 4x all pays but you weren’t getting any 4x??? Can you explain what that means?

  10. marc williams says:


  11. Dylan Courbat says:

    Love that you added a face cam for reactions! GREAT WIN 😀 Keep it up friend!

  12. Rick Martinez says:

    You got bigger balls than most men do.. keep up the good work..

  13. studer25k says:

    Heck yea. Love to see you get hand pays.

  14. J Dezenzio says:

    Sarah, great win.. loved how you were starting to grimace at the under $100 only to see you swinging your head and humming I'm gonna be a rich slot lady…. yee hawww… 🙂 Now be honest here. After you won, you went and got a "buffalo" chicken sandwich for dinner.. BUFFALO… BUFFALO!! … BUFFALO ……!!

  15. Petetheheat says:

    The El Cortez should give Slotlady a special section for her with neon like BC has at the Plaza.

  16. Lawrence S. says:

    Great win Sarah!! Congrats to you!! Even with the dead spins, the excitement builds and you triumph in the end!! WAY TO GO!!!

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