38 thoughts on “An Inside Look At Casinos Throughout COVID19: What Card Counters Ought to Know”
  1. By Foul says:

    you can also count and the cameras or dealers, pit bosses can't tell what ur saying and with the Plexiglas glass, can't even hear u.

  2. hugo flores says:

    The illegal enquiry italy program because profit wessely strip through a fuzzy blouse. unable, frantic politician

  3. Jim Kline says:

    The Indian casinos here in Michigan have their own laws, but similar to our government’s.

  4. Dimitri Keshishyan says:

    Hey Colin! What chips is it that you use and have on your table in the majority of the latest videos over the months? You can see it at 6:55 timestamp. I like the +1 cards that are embedded on the face of the chip.

  5. SirWilliamSquireVonDutchMire says:

    Apart from blackjack, what's the name of that North Face jacket?? Haha I want to buy one.

  6. Isaiah Williams says:

    The raised minimum seems to be mute in Carson City. At the only three Casino's that offer blackjack, their lowest tables are the only ones open.

  7. Qanons army 45 says:

    I been backed off here in st louis but with the masks im golden

  8. Jack Jedlicka says:

    lol the COVID beard

  9. Nicholas Van Bergen says:

    Any plans of doing an update on this here or on BJA?

  10. Blitzfire X says:

    The ugly:

    Casinos near me using 1 deck only, and dealing 2-3 hands before shuffling. Makes it hard to know the count except maybe the last hand. Thoughts on this?

  11. Lk T says:

    Non gamblers will watch anything.

  12. John Daley says:

    AND, i am a very casual player and i think its bs that people get banned because they are skilled, its BS

  13. John Daley says:

    Why would you put this out there, if you make living doing this…you are putting yourself on the radar?

  14. Ryan Kane says:

    I was more concerned with the lack of "social distancing" on the planes to and from Vegas than I was in the casinos. Both AA and United are packing their planes like sardine cans still.

  15. Sam Sitar says:

    over time they should raise it to 6 people per table.

  16. S P says:

    Hey Colin, you put out fantastic material that I've been watching for awhile now, and I may soon become a member and be at one of your bootcamps, if you'll still be doing them. Question: why do you think casinos don't just go to CSM's and eliminate counters? Don't most gamblers not even care or know the difference?

  17. emma warren says:

    Colin seriously I can't see how it's possible to count and make money when they using 6 decks and the shufflers

  18. Blake Smith says:

    Here where I live in Iowa. My local casino doesn’t require masks they just cut the tables down to 4 persons. But others close to me didn’t cut down persons at the table, but you have to wear a mask when playing. So it’s give and take.

  19. Magic Within says:

    GO COLIN!! Good take on the social distancing!

  20. Google Sucks says:

    You're spot on

  21. Bill Ding the constructor says:

    less people at table means easier to count too if you’re new :>

  22. J H says:

    Colin called it! Governors are gonna start shutting things down achem looking at you, Florida Texas and Arizona

  23. Jennifer Sheets says:

    I agree that only allowing 3 players to a table is good, but my local casinos are allowing players to play up to 3 hands at the table minimum. Also it's harder to find a seat depending on when you go because there is limited seating and every other table is closed because of the distancing. As for the masks, it's helped me with counting because I have a habit of moving my mouth when I read or count and so I have to be very cautious that I'm not doing that at the table. And some of the casinos do require the players to take their mask off and look into a camera before going into the casino.

  24. Ian Campion says:

    When you started to talk about the mistakes part, it made me angry. I went to Mystic a week ago, and it was my first time playing blackjack and the dealer didnt pay my blackjack because he “made 21.” BUT HE DIDNT HAVE A BLACKJACK SO WHO GIVES A ****. I even asked him and he was like ya its a push. I shouldve escalated it honestly.

  25. Matthias Cerebri says:

    Have you actually ever used a fake ID?

  26. ricky ricky says:

    Actually you can Wong if your waiting for Table and if they ask you not stand behind tables you can say you are waiting for Spot, some places only have 1 $15 or $10 table with 4 positions. Wonging isn’t completely dead you just can’t do it on empty Tables.

  27. Albert Lopez says:

    Spent 4 days at the venetian this week and it was awesome, only employees have to wear mask and no plexiglass bs

  28. EarlMalmsteen says:

    wow that video from wild horse pass in phoenix is terrifying. lots of old people not wearing masks and not keeping distance. very dangerous

  29. traitor says:

    I got confirmation from a local place that the scanning of ID is for contact tracing. They will be logging you in and reporting you to the government if there is any virus issues in their casino. This scanning should be voluntary, in my opinion, and the fact they aren't 100% up-front about it is really shady.

  30. Tyler Duncanson says:

    Hey Colin, I was wondering if there is a application that you use for your blackjack simulations? I have a variant of Blackjack from a video game I'd like to check the odds on.

  31. Dan Bellock says:

    I see that you push the importance of an accurate count but if the casino takes 25% of the cards out of play doesn't that make the count inaccurate?

  32. MaxSterling01 says:

    Going to Vegas in July, got cheap rooms at Ceasers. Hope it's not to bad. Need to brush up on my BJ skills before I go again. This Covid has made me rusty.

  33. The Trammell says:

    I'm at the MGM Grand right now. There was one $10 limit free bet table open yesterday and the rest are $25. All of the tables have plexiglass and are limited to 3 players

  34. Nigelrathbone1 says:

    don’t really like to play blackjack anymore. Counting too stressful. Like craps better. Interesting info though.

  35. Tom F says:

    If you were a legit good card counter, you wouldnt need to sell this to people. You should be able to just travel around and become a billionaire from your "skills" cheap ass ripoff

  36. david ludwig says:

    I just got done playing at a casino that I was backed off from a few months ago. Wearing my mask, I got absolutely no heat. No change in rules either. It might be a great time to play!

  37. Steven Moormann says:

    Any chance you can go over EV in California card rooms with $1 fee? Pretty good rules 3/2 blackjack, s17, double after split double any 2 etc no surrender though

  38. MrTrippy says:

    If card counting really works how come please dont win a ton on online casinos

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