17 thoughts on “Andy Milonakis VS Rene Nezhoda On-line Poker Battle Americas Cardroom”
  1. Pokershark says:

    Watching this while cheering for you in the Venom! Hope you run good and take it down!

  2. ċ. ṃѧẓẓ says:

    Andy is a gd legend. 1 of the rap super group 3-Loco. IRL maverick & tv celebrity. Good stuff seeing you playing w him.

  3. Chuck Joseph says:

    Father son battle.

  4. For Your Knives Only says:

    Great video

  5. Annita Cox Gaming says:

    Choke me, whip me, and call me your slave.

  6. Card Shop Reality says:

    HAHHAA FINALLY this posted. Ya'll are welcome. My influence for makin this happen. THUMBS UP Rene!

  7. James Hennings says:

    Dang I used to watch the Andy milonakis show

  8. jetta says:

    It was like Rene was playing his younger self

  9. Sleepy Random says:

    What are the rules of quarantine poker?

  10. Mcfishy First says:

    That’s baloney in my left front pocket

  11. Black Illuminati says:

    Andy should had rapped they whole time he is the goat

  12. Kevin Karron says:

    Always enjoy your videos

  13. sam the coins master says:

    I love u guys your videos are the best

  14. Michael Edwards says:

    isn't Andy from the Tom Green show or was it another

  15. Toddy B says:

    Always entertaining……Thanks for all the effort :]

  16. Bargainhuntersthrift says:

    Hope you guys enjoy this little fun game 🙂 And make sure to check out Americas Card Room and come play with me !

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