27 thoughts on “Andy Performs Greatest Poker Money Recreation Pot Ever – Prime Palms – Dwell at The Bike”
  1. Imraan Bulbulia says:

    I really liked how you analyzed this hand in terms of human psychology and not game theory. Bart already did that.

  2. Crybabehot says:

    Sometimes u feel this like set up,sick hands

  3. Louis Chen says:


  4. Damoun Ferry says:

    Like he how says "re-raise" instead of "3-bet".
    That alone is a big tell about a player.

  5. Shijie Li says:

    Andy在这就想说明 大神 也是人。。。只要是人都有上头的时候,呵呵。 谢谢分享,看得我脚都抖了!

  6. mm ki says:

    Great to hear you be so honest about your own mistakes.

    I play for a living and it reminds me to not be so hard on myself and realize when I’m emotional at the table.
    Keep crushing dude

  7. Bully Boy says:

    So true how if you're not in the hand you can analyze the situation better than of you were in the hand.

  8. Revolt says:

    Wow andy, I felt the pain when I watched this at Latb. I feel like if it was anybody but Jacky, you wouldn't have called! Revenge is a B** and personal ''Competitive Grudges'' are really the enemy of a good Poker Player! Salute Andy! You'll make that back in a year man dw

  9. grindix says:

    Its hard to think clearly in the midst of a bad run and in a big hand but like you point out in this vid there s nothing that you beat that calls you on 9 river when turn has been 3 bet by him. He s only putting money in with a Q and u chop or 99 and u pay the max. All unlikely missed draws and even 66 fold.

  10. PD in NMB says:

    Andy is a great player, not a luckbox like some of the other LATB players, you know, like Garrett.

  11. Chen Aiko says:

    這手牌絕對是討論最多次的牌之一 , 我倒視覺得轉牌沒打錯 , river 不應該打 . 因為jacky的牌力再轉牌很明顯了 , river垂他 沒有能拿到價值得牌 , 但是也有很多youtuber說river應該要拿價值 但是對方轉牌的動作讓我不明白能拿到什麼牌的價值… , 對方就算是AQ KQ 都打不出來這RAISE .謝謝ANDY這部影片 因為我發現我的想法是沒錯的

  12. Frank says:

    If this was me, I wouldn't even considering doing a hand breakdown here. That's a lot of pain to relive. Andy is the man.

  13. 黃rayray says:

    這把牌不是運氣不好 而是心態的崩壞導致整個過程犯了非常多的錯誤 運氣不好或說撞牌都只是以最後結果來說的結果論 所以我常常奉勸現在身邊一些接觸德州的新手 如果耐心不夠 如果會因為一兩把牌被超車就失去冷靜心態崩壞 那就先乖乖在小級別磨練吧 情緒控管不佳往往會讓災難連環發生 因為選牌出現問題 遇到一些衝撞牌也不會去control pot導致更大的損失 讀牌也完全不準變成只打自己手上的牌 andy能這樣回顧省思自己的錯誤 就是已經再向上提升了 期待之後的分享!

  14. Oliver says:

    You say you should have checked back the river. Don’t you think there is some chance he calls a with pocket 6s?

  15. 莊坤諭 says:


  16. xx1what says:

    Given the dead money, it's like 300/600 game. With 180k as your stack, this is 300BB game. This hand shows how difficult it is to play deep stacks, as the tail events, such as this cooler, really needs to be handled skillfully, in order to maintain being profitable in the long run. I'm not skilled enough to play this deep, but I know for sure that I will be stacked at a 100BB game. I've watched you play many hands with deep stacks, and you have skillfully made many profitable decisions. While you didn't this time, I hope you will continue to perform your best in the future.

  17. Shibu Arnold says:

    This is the most I have ever seen The great poker player Andy talk. Good analysis from him! Bravo!

  18. 何柏勳 says:


  19. Stever99999 says:

    So much respect. Hope all is well and look forward to seeing you on LATB or another venue soon. Best wishes.

  20. Pat Dearth says:

    Your honesty Andy!! Great video looking forward to more!

  21. Onwing Wong says:

    如果河牌是10 又會是另一故事……..

  22. Fernando Baldomir says:

    Greetings from Argentina Andy! I learned a lot by watching you every Friday.

  23. Jason Li says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us!! Mad respect!!

  24. sauyin wan says:

    Thanks, take care!

  25. Chowdog says:

    U r Still a boss.

  26. Everything All In says:

    That is tough thinking about that bet on the river. Hands he reraises turn with are 3 combos of 6's and one combo of 9's that he reraises turn with and the 6's are counterfeited on the river which he won't call with.

  27. Sam Rivers says:

    The logic for checking back top full in this spot: Jacky may not even have 666QQ and if he does he probably doesn't call a bet on the river. Also the case queen might check jam on you just because and you obviously have to call. Betting on the river here will very rarely get calls out of worse, just gets you stacked when the guy does happen to have 9999 which is rare but the range of hands that cold calls a button three bet out of the blinds is already somewhat specific and narrow, especially when he bet three bets the turn on Q96Q with a flush draw.

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