10 thoughts on “Andy Poker – Single Desk Event [Highlights] Jan 2021 Half 1 – Andy 豪客限時直播賽 – 精彩片段”
  1. Andy Stacks Poker says:

    Highlights, Part 2:

  2. Wayne Chiang Poker says:

    Andy's spirit animal is the GOAT.

  3. 博哥 says:


  4. kay lee says:

    Bro, you ran bad. Very bad

  5. Sam Edelstein says:

    The poker graphic thumbnail of you is spot on

  6. Poker 911 says:

    你好。我們是 POKER911.我們是LATB的粉丝.



  7. Jeff says:

    Whats the minimum age requirement to play at CTP

  8. jaydee514 says:

    Other guy is terrible almost slow rolling lol scared of the nut on every hands….

  9. 森仔 says:

    撞牌精華 太精采 謝謝ANDY分享

  10. 1KindFavor says:

    Cooler after cooler 3 handed.

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