29 thoughts on “ANOTHER LUCKY $20,000 BONUS BUY ON GEMS BONANZA?!”
  1. Slot Monkey says:

    Watch my big win on Book of Oz slot!

  2. Uncle Traveling Mac says:

    Nice – uncletravelingmac

  3. roman contos says:

    nice vod! dassiaran

  4. Andrew Rose says:

    Sucks because these websites not available in uk

  5. Colo Ssus says:

    This game haha -clsnz

  6. Foyez Ahmed says:

    Gems never lets us down mate ~aflextra

  7. jaythespy j says:

    Your on a roll keep it going bmd9007 on twitch

  8. Complexis says:

    "it's so satisfying when you're in" Xd

  9. Traian Ionita says:

    Nice session – trayantt

  10. juicy mostbet says:

    If you are very rich anyway, if you donate a lot, then this poor will get a little better

  11. juicy mostbet says:

    Brother I want your help, I am very much in trouble due to the people of Lockdown, I want some help from money.

  12. Cupid says:


  13. Karlene Mcbride says:

    love gems

  14. Mitakaroto says:

    nice cashout

  15. Onin Nunag says:


  16. QUOTE_ME IF says:

    I hear you shout WE IN and automaticly tought you jinxed it

  17. Wihte Hat says:

    Congrats ! TW – hard_x7

  18. Enter says:

    Good Luck <3

  19. S.3M.H WORLDS says:

    i use d code but it s invalid!?

  20. Michael Esquenazi says:


  21. Barok1987 says:

    Good Juan 🙂 Twitch : o0OWoelieO0o

  22. Kristián Slota says:

    Nice profit! – Limeclay

  23. Yianni Maragos says:

    Let’s goooo – mkaaythen

  24. Paul Humphries says:

    Well done. Dreamboydale

  25. William Zobac says:

    Let's GO!!! Twitch – Ferrier13

  26. HonourThyYeard says:

    I did 4 60$ ones in this this morning on same website, I guess it only pays for either streamers or if you bonus buy like 10-20k cause I got fuck all

  27. xfileady85 says:

    noice profit congrats (cherry850)

  28. mightbestupid says:

    when will you give avaail the gems bonanza luck lmao

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