18 thoughts on “ANOTHER WIN! Timberwolf Diamond Slot Machine! Heaps Of BONUSES!”
  1. Vincent Biondi says:

    Beautiful eyes

  2. FalconFXICCY says:

    God she's beautiful. Half her face covered and it still can't hide it from coming through… Oh, and great win, btw! 🙂

  3. Glen L Campbell says:

    The wheel isn't really a wheel, it's a list.

  4. Chas Lyter says:

    I miss your conversation between spins. You seem so much quieter lately. I hope all is well with you!

  5. UAa320 says:

    Hi Sarah you always look so beautiful, you also look cute when you stare back at the camera.

  6. Michel Reisman says:

    Love your presentation singing????

  7. Timothy Harrold says:

    Nice Bonus Wins Beautiful Blue Eyed Baby

  8. Dustin Drake says:

    Sarah your beautiful 🙂

  9. Darrell Irwin says:

    Nice hit

  10. Robert Nash says:

    Thats a good game… At Circa, I hit the super 4x at 126 spins initial ended up with getting 140 spins in total with allmost $5K handpay.

  11. Rolando Ramirez says:

    Definitely LOVE your channel ❤️

  12. Claire Pierson says:

    do yu prefer this one or golden wolves

  13. Catherine Alexander says:

    You lol amazing today I’m late watching but hope to see you won today

  14. CasinoCor Gaming says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to try this game!

  15. Virtual card shop says:

    Nice win, good job sticking with it.

  16. john arcillas says:

    Hiyyyeee my awesome friend Sarah. I love that you play with a great attitude vibe. Win lose or draw. Great seeing you today and playing timber wolf. See you tomorrow byyeee Johnny from Chicago

  17. Junior Harry says:

    Wolf impression..?!? I thought you were a wolf lady ☺️

  18. Phil Oates says:

    Hey Sarah! I haven't kept up with the livestreams (a lot of work and the time difference ☹️). Great bonus action! I just finished a online poker tourney as I write this, and won £110 from a £2 entry! Sharing my luck and love with you! ❤️❤️❤️

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