Anybody else play the software program pc blackjack as an alternative of stay blackjack? : playing

Being absolute dumb degenerate, I’ve been shedding my cool on stay blackjack sitting with idiots that hit on 12’s and 13’s towards a vendor bust card, so I’ve tried taking part in the software program pc blackjack they provide.

It is solely you vs vendor and palms are dealt a lot sooner as a result of they do not need to scan the playing cards by way of webcam.

Nicely with that mentioned, I misplaced $3k final evening in lower than an hour and really feel like a whole dumbass for taking part in what was most likely a rigged recreation…

Has anybody received with these crooked software program pc blackjack? Really feel like such a moron shedding my persistence and taking part in an idiotic recreation like that for top stakes, sigh

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