25 thoughts on “Arizona New Poker Room GRAND OPENING DAY @ Lone Butte – Vlog #6”
  1. Ryan Williams says:

    You're going to explode! We've been waiting for a beautiful female vlogger

  2. steven189111 says:

    Miss Ashley – I went all in.

  3. Matty C says:

    The last 3 times I went to Talking Stick to play poker, I waited 4 EVVVRR and left twice after a couple hours. I will have to check out this place. Thanks!

  4. Revolt says:

    Why even upload if you suck this bad??

  5. Neal Roy says:

    Nice Vlog. Great music smooth transitions and like the approach. Good to see a women getting in on the vlog game. Look forward to more.

  6. Big Bear Dave says:

    First female poker vlogger I seen. Hope it’s the start of many more. Keep up the awesome work!

  7. threetoyotas says:

    Nice video!
    Just played there last Friday. Love the high ceilings over Wild Horse.
    Played 2-100
    In for $300/ Out for $730
    Always good to walk away green at a new casino/ Especially since it’s closer to my house.

  8. johnny bridges says:

    One thing I don't understand about all poker vlogers is they do something that works and yet they say don't try this at home ultimately floggers are out to make money on their videos but the excuse is I'm learning and teaching at the same time isn't learning to bluff in the right spots essential to any poker players game

  9. Kit Billion says:

    Hey Ash. You might wanna consider not bluffing the passive playertype a lot. Ofc it can work sometimes, but they have way too wide of a calling range and also tend to underrep their hands sometimes since well – they are passive and don't raise/3bet. Especially on those flush boards, loose/passive players play 93s T2s J3s and have like a million combos of flushes. Just take those players to value town.
    I know for most people cbetting is standard, but at 7:00 you're punting pretty hard bluffing into 2 calling stations twice without equity.

    Anyways great video and keep up the great work 🙂

  10. Norma Stanley says:

    Good vlog easy to watch..

  11. Norma Stanley says:

    Limit games ? I stopped playing in those a few years ago..

  12. mbtadhl says:

    Great vlog..did I miss something or is no limit not available in this poker room ?

  13. Chuck Lilja says:

    Did they close down the card room at Wild Horse??

  14. phoenixSoundbyte says:

    So basically they play Limit Hold Em? When did THAT become a thing????

  15. George Holzer says:

    Thanks for sharing

  16. Andrew Villanueva says:

    You are so Beautiful

  17. Dac Gours says:

    Very well presented and charismatic vlog. And a good player too. This one needed more content though

  18. John Koo says:

    You sure this is your 6th vlog only? You will be up there with the greats soon enough. Keep it up and gl to you.

  19. Poker life with Ty says:

    I drive a semi truck. Would love to play there. Do they have any truck parking?

  20. ALiCEn CHAiNS says:

    She's a girl… and she plays poker…. Uh… Yeah… ¿ Brad Owen watch out..m She only has many years of poker grinding experience, hundreds of vlogs and lots of dry humor till she gets clout…. The poker room has a place to piss BTW!

  21. Bob Weiser says:

    Stop saying really so much

  22. Andrew Waldron says:

    For a 10min video (which I understand to be some minimum YT) There was pretty much nothing to this video. High production value, very low content value.

  23. Kolin Sullivan says:

    Drink every time Ash says,"Really".

  24. OneDay Jackpot says:

    fantastic video and editing … enjoyed this.

  25. RICKY says:

    nice vlog chica

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