5 thoughts on “Arkansas River Flooding River Spirit On line casino, 5/23/2019”
  1. Curron Eckwood says:

    Will you do an updated video of Riverside since they've closed 21st thru 31st? Gathering place west of the street is under water.

  2. gi gi says:

    I truly love your work and ive passed it around and now I've found something from another person people need to see again this is not my channel

  3. Jessica 1986 says:

    This is just soo sad…

  4. SSchillCo says:

    Are they still going to draw for the Pontoon Boat giveaway this Saturday? Seems appropriate.

  5. Joe biden gave my dog herpes says:

    Doesnt matter they will tighten up the machines to pay for any damage

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