26 thoughts on “As a result of I Can’t Stand Your Household Both $1,000 On line casino LIVE”
  1. Junior Flores says:

    Love this guy

  2. Joe R says:

    U throw those eggs like a girl

  3. Abe Shaw says:

    Haha the maids are gonna be pissed for days

  4. TJ Moreno says:

    I never remember the names of slots. When I say I'm going t o play the purple kings, only one friend knows it's fortune ruler. I think that's the name. haha!

  5. Tony Siry says:

    Your videos always make our day..pure entertainment..blue egg

  6. Campus X says:

    Rockin in the treetop all day long…

  7. the stinch of discovery says:

    “Everybody wants to bang the Stiffmeister”- SD Guy 1234

  8. Kathy MacInnis says:

    I hope you left a large tip for the maid!

  9. Marie Birkin says:

    Best live ever!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Patrick Moore Allen says:

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  11. Elizabeth Moffat says:

    Omg that carpet looks like someone hurled on it.

  12. Candy Mennega says:

    Seriously? !! Hahahha!!

  13. Si Smith says:

    You Guys worrying about Egg Shells on the carpet, im sure SDGuy has left much harder to remove stains on the carpet in hotel rooms :OP

  14. ed jovi says:

    hello brain happy easter tried too say hello every post but u never say hello back so i wish u luck and ed bon jovi is gone to u give me a shut out and ill say hello to page for last time love ed bon jovi

  15. Ejvind Andersen says:

    Hmm. And Godnight.

  16. Cat More says:

    Your hilarious. GET A HAIR CUT" FUCK YOU GET A JOB! LMAO

  17. Coroner Girl says:

    I like when you do the pick an egg/ornament. Nate is usually with you. Too bad he wasn't in one of the eggs you threw at the wall. ❤ Always enjoy your vids!!! Thank you

  18. I love you!! Bastards!! says:

    Buffalo Gold 15 head club.. go for it.. you can do it

  19. Slopjaw Johnson says:

    This makes no sense. He got 2 bonuses in like 4 minutes. In Illinois I'll put $500 in a machine and lose it all in 20 minutes with the biggest hit being like $40

  20. Lisa Lisa says:

    I luff you… Luff!!!!

  21. Randall Wood says:

    Milwaukee Wisconsin watching

  22. Caleb Dugger says:

    I fucking died when those bunny crocs hit the button, u da best SD keep it up and Winnnnning!

  23. Scotty Bee Scrapped! says:

    Haha that lady left and sd dives in there and wins over 200$ in 3 mins hehehe MAaaAAmMMMM

  24. Brandon says:


  25. tionick11 says:

    $940.00 :'(

  26. OGShoePlug OGShoePlug says:

    You're a messy kitty SDGUY!

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