26 thoughts on “Atlantic Metropolis Casinos Reopening Replace – April 13, 2021”
  1. NICK VEGAS says:

    I live in Kentucky and we have slot machines that are called HHR SLOTS. Historic horse racing slots. Apparently each spin is based on old horse races. I have tried to find info about these machines with no luck. Hoping u might make a informative video regarding this subject. I have yet to find any on youtube that really has useful information. Thank u

  2. quartytypo says:

    Atlantic City casinos and restaurants will not be the same for decades. Democrats have found that the pandemic has given them control of people's lives and they are not going to give it back to them.

  3. Kevin Fedigan says:

    I'd like to add that last summer, most beach bars were in fact open, and indoor bars with video poker were also open with social distancing (keeping an empty machine or two between parties). The Lobby Lounge at Hard Rock still has live music, again with social distancing, but was nice to sit at the bar, play video poker, have a beer and listen to live music.

  4. Kevin Fedigan says:

    Each casino has various degrees of what they allow. Hard Rock seems to be among the strictest/safest. They have full body thermal imaging machines as you walk in to ensure you're not running a fever and also to ensure you're wearing a mask. They are also very strict about when you can enjoy your beverage. You must be seated (either at a table game or slot machine) and can only lower your mask to take a sip (or gulp), then they ask you to return your mask to covering your face, you can't simply remove your mask from the moment you receive your drink until you're finished with it. You are also not allowed to walk around and drink (although people do and there's only so much staff) but if they see it, they will stop you. Other casinos are less strict, but still ask you to wear masks and do temperature checks. All casinos have added hand sanitizer stations, and at most table games they will have a bottle and some have wipes that the dealers use each time they switch. Most are very nice about giving you a wipe if you ask.

  5. Divine Angelic says:

    You need more specific info he’s way too general

  6. Divine Angelic says:

    They use to have wonderful shows back in day now they aren’t so good for the past few years. Tango lounge is small place back in day Johnny Mathis Liza Donna summer Julio Tony Orlando Brian spritzer all top performers back in day. The past few years not so good according to my taste but some people might like it. Don’t go to comedy store unless you find vulgar language funny ?

  7. Divine Angelic says:

    Go to Tropicana casino. Stay at Havana towers in03 rooms. Like room 6801 or 6803 suite has the best stores
    Many restaurants to choose. Carmine’s is excellent as is P.F. Chang’s there are many in small area.

  8. Divine Angelic says:

    What casino is he talking about ? I was there in October..and didn’t seem so strict

  9. bjkjoseph says:

    Not a fan of AC

  10. Dasha Jean says:

    I went to AC for the first time in months 2 weeks ago. The weekend was packed at Borgata. Thanks for giving updates on AC.

  11. phiberoptik232 says:

    Casinos in AC are coming back slowly. Bigger crowds are seen on weekends, not so much on weekdays, yet. Buffets are gone but many of the restaurants are now open. Drinks are being served with mask requirements. Some of the older casinos are in desperate need of room upgrades. Every casino offers 10x or 15x earnings multipliers for slot play on certain days.

  12. Roman Danielson says:

    Fuck they talking about reopening 2021 I been in ac since September

  13. whoo else says:

    I reside in nj. I just came from vegas recently & yes, vegas has many more entertainment choices but ac has the boardwalk & beach.

  14. Kelly Moore says:

    Atlantic City is no more expensive that Las Vegas. I’ve never paid for a room in AC and have never played more than $200-$300 over an entire trip

  15. Tonto King says:

    A.C. been open since around july 4th. All casinos except Borgata and G.Nugget. and they opened soon after!!

  16. SanFranciscoBay says:

    Looking at 1.5 – 2 years until things return to normal status. Imagine the losses and costs.

  17. Jeff says:

    Have probably done most of my gambling in Pittsburgh since it became legal in PA. Always try to make one trip a year to Las Vegas. Would like to get back to the gulf coast one day.

  18. Alucard Moon says:

    Office space meets casinos

  19. Poker Joker says:

    That’s why I love gambling on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. There’s Free Parking mostly garages, easy access, and great comps!

  20. Vick Vickerson says:

    The virus decides to take a break when you are having a drink ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  21. Vick Vickerson says:

    Wannabe expert

  22. Dan Zunko says:

    28 minutes is too long to disclose the 45 seconds of useful information contained herein.

  23. xxxhyundai says:

    Was packed here last week btw. Ac been open for months and I go here 3 times a week. What I want to know is when Mohegan will start accepting bus services from New York. The casinos in ac are terrible. For starters continuous shuffle blackjack, super tight machines etc.

  24. Doug Ronald says:

    The thing that many customers might find different is the installation of plexiglass barriers at all of the gaming tables. It can make it hard to hear anyone and damper enjoyment of the game, but it is deemed necessary to prevent the spread of covid.

  25. Rose Marie White says:

    What about Parx casino

  26. Rose Marie White says:

    What about 2021 updates

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