30 thoughts on “BAD BLUFFS…WILL THEY WORK? // Texas Holdem Poker Vlog 23”
  1. PokerBEAST says:

    I actually cashed for $610. Sorry for the mistake! Have a great weekend.

  2. Дима Романов says:

    Ипполит Гребенщико́в, к слову к игре в онлайн казино желательно также подходить правильно. Естественно, если вы катаете в вулкан 24 там никогда не выведете бабки, а например если подойти к этому вопросу тщательно тогда можно понимать, что имеются такие как 1хбеты, придуманные мошенниками и не выводящие деньги, а бывают казино с лицензией, там настройка автоматов отсутствует. Так что не думаю что правильно решать на основе мошеннических сайтов. Список лицензионных игорных заведений онлайн можно увидеть тут: casinreg.ru

  3. Spencer Ingermanson says:

    Running total: +10,743

  4. Rene says:

    played a little loose on this one but way to $neak in that bluff!

  5. PokerQ says:

    After watching 2 of your videos I can tell you what your biggest leak is. You play too many hands way too aggro oop.

  6. PokerQ says:

    If you don’t get any cards, just fold. Fold for 2-3 hours, take a break, change tables. So you can get paid if you get something. You can run a big bluff occasionally but I wouldn’t try to make them fold an A when the flush draw bricks, for example. You need to meditate or do whatever helps you to untilt.

  7. Victor Frankenstein says:

    If you knew the better player from previous sessions, and you think he has your number, then why on earth would you 3-street bluff with bupkis?

  8. M. Mehr says:

    You seem to never have any losing days (according to your Vlogs anyway), so congrats on that front. Why not play in bigger stakes games if you are this good?

  9. Luke Kalbach says:

    Do you have other ways to connect with you or follow you on other social media like Facebook or Instagram? I've searched for Poker Beast but can't find you anywhere else.

  10. Andrew Fiorentino says:

    This is what a normal session looks like can't run like a god all the time

  11. Lawrence Hayes says:

    Greg high quality video content! Keep it up. What editing software do you use for your videos?

  12. Luke Kalbach says:

    You have inspired me to get in to the game on a more consistent basis. Thank you!

  13. Bob Smith says:

    At 8:27 in my experience when a guy holds his cards like he wants to muck after making a bet he has a strong hand. One time in wendover NV a guy did this to me after I flipped top pair (Queen) and of course he had AA. I did not improve.

  14. Mark Praschan says:

    On that straddled 99 at 2:30, you mention your holding as part of your reasoning for increasing your bet size. Be careful not to give off sizing tells that might indicate the strength or vulnerability of your hand. Sincerely, a fellow low-stakes learner.

  15. Jacob Ide says:

    Make merch that says
    BAD A$$ man I'd buy one. So catchy

  16. Trần Dũng says:

    How much blind money

  17. Richard James says:

    Is the term fold away a California saying you are the only person I ever heard say that

  18. kevin farmer says:

    Do you keep track of your cash outs and are you going to do a stats video eventually?

  19. Peter Lohnes says:

    I don't mind the 33 shove if your read is right, but any good jack is snapping you off. DESPISE your bluff with AT, there is no scare card and no hand you can push off there. And the final bluff…his ace must have been A2 to fold there. Bluffing feels good but its rarely profitable at 1/3 because they don't think what you have, they only fall in love with what they have. That's why they're stuck at 1/3

  20. Alex B says:

    Like the vlogs, it’s not five minutes of b roll just straight to business

  21. laufsteakmodel says:

    How long was the session

  22. Artur Nagy says:

    The interesting thing is that you throw an A4 heart. In turn, you play 86 spades and 79 diamonds.

  23. Lowbvll says:

    I always go in with aces any ace lol

  24. Chad DeLanzo says:

    STOP MUCKING when your river bluffs get called, table them proudly! It’s good for your image and you get to see what you got called by. Once in a blue moon, your opponent will misread your hand and muck too!

  25. Lex Lauher says:

    IMO: you played the Qc9c well short handed.

    Also, folding is never positive EV but I knew what you meant.

  26. MsSheenam says:

    Your voice sounds as if you didn’t enjoy that vlog, sound tired, frustrated. Take a break, come back refreshed, those bluffs don’t always pay off

  27. sean aria says:

    Nice vlog, keep it up. I think this session represents most normal sessions that you don't run hot. 9d7d isn't a call btw for $45. As you saw you hit top pair and couldn't continue. Good luck buddy

  28. mike Vincent says:

    When people pretend so muck their cards like that I get the urge to coldcock them.

  29. Joe Reynolds says:

    I'm 5 minutes in and the amount of times you've said marginal already is mindblowing.

  30. Joe Lazar says:

    It’s tough to beat the low stakes game

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